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Pet Remedy Natural Calming Wipes

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Pet Remedy Pet Wipes

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Pet Remedy uses a special blend of essential oils including valerian, vetiver and other oils to work alongside natural relaxion pathways and enhances production of a neurotransmitter to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets.

The formula is pH neutral and all natural so it is safe on your pet's skin or coat. You can also use it on bedding, carpet, collars, pet carriers and crates.

Use Pet Remedy pet wipes on your pet's face, chin, nose, or head. Rub a wipe on your pet's coat before it is exposed to stress caused by travel, loud noises, thunder, fireworks and even visits to your veterinarian. 

You can also wipe out your pet's carrier or crate pad prior to travel to help keep them calm. 

Pet Remedy wipes are available in 12 handy sachets - perfect for traveling. Keep extra sachets in your purse or pocket for reapplications.

Can be used on cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, horses and other small mammals.

Speak with your veterinarian if your pet is taking any medications or has any skin allergies and always try at home first to observe your pet's behavior. 

Essentional Oils: vetivera zizanoides root oil, valeriana officinalis root oil, 4-ALLYLANIZOLE, LIMONENE, PINENES, VETIVEROLS.




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