Pet water bottle top

Pet Water Bottle Top

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Pet Water Bottle Top

This nifty water bottle top provides a convenient way to hydrate your pet.

The Pet Top (R) Portable Drinking Device is a unique, patented bottle top which fits most standard water bottles and is designed to provide a neat and convenient water supply for your pet when you're on the go and can't be bothered with the mess, hassle and waste of pouring water into a bowl. Since it fits most standard water bottles, you'll always have a ready source of water nearby for your pet. It is a great accessory for your pet on long walks, in the park, or on trips. It is also ideal for saving water and dispensing liquid-based supplements.


Take the Pet Top (R) Portable Drinking Device with you to the park, in the car, on a walk, or anywhere your pet needs a drink. It's small enough to fit in a jogging pack, purse or pocket when not in use. And since it fits most standard water bottles, you'll always have a ready source of water for your pet.


You adjust the flow of water by simply turning the cap, so your pet gets just the right amount. Works for very small pets to very large pets. Indicator markings help you easily remember the desired open position and ratchet-action keeps the device open at the desired setting. And it automatically stops when the pet stops drinking. So there's no muss, no fuss. When done, simply turn the cap to seal.

Easy to Clean!

They're dishwasher-safe! Secure on top rack in maximum open position and use normal cycle (do not heat-dry).

Train your pet to use the Pet Top easily by putting a little bit of peanut butter on the tip the first time or two you use it. Your pet will quickly catch on that whenever the tip is licked, water comes out. 

This is an essential product when traveling with a pet. Avoid problems at airport security with water containers. When on the road, fill up a liter soda bottle with water from your home so you don't chance stomach upset. This top will fit even little water bottles for smallerbreeds of dogs or cats.

Tip: Avoid over tightening the Pet Top. Moderate hand tightening will maintain a tight seal with the water bottle.

Water Bottles that fit the Pet Top: The standard bottle neck looks like the Pepsi® bottle neck--so if you choose a water bottle that has a similar-sized cap, that should be compatible. Other manufacturers that should fit without the adapter are: Alps20, Aquifina (12, 24, 33.8 oz.), Dasani (16.9, 20, 33.8 oz with Pepsi® cap), Deja Blue, Earth, Eckerd Award, Eternal, Fiji, Iceland Pure, Iceland Glacial, Nursery, Penta, SEI, Smart Water, and Snapple Lyte Water. These manufacturers will require the short neck adapter which is included in the product: 365 (Whole Foods), Adirondack, Aquafina (16.9 oz.), Arrowhead, Bratz, Crystal Geyser, Deer Park, Ethos,  Ice Mountain, Keeper Springs, Kirkland, Nestle Pure Life, Ozarka, Poland Spring, Snap2o, Target, and Zephyrhills.

Compatibility List

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Hydration is extremely important for a pet when traveling. Ensure a ready source of water with Pet Water Bottle Top! 



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