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Stena Line Ferry requires that your pet be accompanied by a certificate of good health, and that your pet is transported in an approved pet container. In most cases the certificate of good health will be the one required by the country you are sailing to.

Your veterinarian will need to certify that your pet is healthy enough to travel and is free of diseases communicable to humans.

Stena Line Ferries requires that you provide evidence of the proper import documents for the country you are sailing to.

Your ferry/cruise ship pet passport package includes:

  • The Instructions, pet policy, list of ports served and fees charged for taking your pet on board
  • Instructions for taking your pet to the country you are sailing to
  • Annex II for EU countries or health certificate for the country you are sailing to
  • Shipping line Veterinary Certificate and instructions
  • Pet Passport Folder
  • Unlimited Email Support

All Stena Line Ferry pet policies and instructions are verified at the time of order.

There are no refunds on ferry pet policy unless there is a problem with the information or forms provided.

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