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Pet Crates


Keep your dog or cat safe and comfortable whether traveling by air, ship or car in a pet travel crate. We have great prices on these high quality, IATA compliant cargo crates. Don't risk your pet escaping its crate. Buy a quality, well built crate for your pet! Included with the crates for dogs and cats are water/food bowls and live animal stickers.

Before ordering a crate, we recommend the following:

1. Measure your pet accurately. Click here for instructions on measuring your pet.
2. Use your pet's measurements to select your crate using the chart below

For travel by air, we strongly recommend the following accessories:
Metal Crate Hardware - to strongly secure the crate
Crate Accessory Kits - essential items for your crate 
Crate Pet Pad - to make the crate more comfortable for your pet on a long trip

Small 0 6.25 lbs 21"L by 16"W by 15"H 17" long by 12" wide by 13" tall  
Medium 200 10.25 lbs 28"L by 20.5"W by 21.5"H 23" long by 16" wide by 19.5" tall  
Intermediate 300 14.88 lbs 32"L by 21"W by 25"H 28" long by 16" wide by 24" tall  
Large 400 17 lbs 36"L by 25"W by 27"H 32" long by 22" wide by 26" tall  
Extra Large 500 27lbs 40"L by 28"W by 30"H 36" long by 24" wide by 26" tall  
Giant 700 43 lbs 48"L by 32"W by 35"H 39" long by 30" wide by 32.5" tall  


Information on metal dog crates.