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Pet Cargo Crate Extensions for Extra Large and Giant Crates are Here!

Posted by Susan Smith on

Do you need to fly or drive a really large dog? Then you know how difficult it can be to find a crate that your dog can stand up in without its head touching the top of the crate.

If your dog has or needs an Extra Large (Series 500) or Giant (Series 700) pet crate (measure your pet here), but your dog is a little too tall to fit, then these extensions are what you need. The Extra Large Crate Extension will add a little more than 3" to the height of the crate. The Giant Crate Extension will add 5" to the height of the crate.

Note that the length and width of the crate will not be affected, only the height.

The Giant Crate Extension will fit the Petmate Sky Kennel 700 Giant, Vari Kennel Giant 700, Aspen Giant 700 or any Petmate Series 700 size dog crate.

The Extra Large Crate Extension will fit the Petmate Sky Kennel XL, Vari Kennel XL, Grreat Choice XL or any Petmate 500 size dog pet crate.

And, of course, the extension kits come complete with all hardware and a new IATA-compliant door that will accommodate the new height of the crate. Very easy to install. Check out these new products now!

Pet Crate Extension for Giant Pet Crate

Pet Crate Extension for Extra Large Pet Crate

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