Hydrating Your Pet During Summer - Why is it Important?

Hydrating Your Pet During Summer - Why is it Important?

Posted by Susan Smith on on 5th Aug 2022

During the summer season, hydration is essential for your pet.

It's summer and this one has proven to be a record breaker in terms of heat. Not only has the US suffered under high temperatures, the EU has experienced historic levels. During summers like these, it is important not to forget to hydrate your pet during summer, especially if they spend any time outdoors. 

Why is it important to hydrate your pet? Because water is essential for every cell, organ and tissue in your pet's body to function. Water regulates body temperature and aids in eliminating waste. Dehydration is the main cause for incidents in pets during travel where increased levels of stress deplete the body of water more than ever. Add fur to the equation and things can escalate quickly.

Here are some great tips to make sure your pet is getting the hydration it needs.  More information