Quick Tips for Auto Pet Travel

Quick Tips for Auto Pet Travel

Posted by Susan Smith on on 5th Aug 2022

Traveling in a car with your pet does not need to be difficult.

Planning an auto trip with your pet? You are not alone. AAA estimates that 78% of pet owners travel with their pets each year. And most trips are taken by car. The best thing you can do to make auto travel easier for everyone is to  prepare your pet beforehand if you have the time.

Book a quick visit with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is healthy, to get prescription refills or a rabies booster if it is due. Dedicate a place in your car for your dog and figure out how you will secure them. Take short trips with your dog to get them accustomed to riding in the car. Not all pets like riding in the car, especially cats.

Little things add up to a happier vacation for everyone. 
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