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DATAMARS OmniMax Microchip Scanner

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Universal Microchip Scanner - Datamars Omni Max

The OMNI MAX is the newest, portable universal reader from Datamars, making it a perfect fit for animal identification in any environment.

The OMNI MAX is able to read the most common types of microchips: FDX-B (ISO), FDX-A/FECAVA, Trovan, and the Avid encrypted chips. From puppies and kittens to seniors, from pocket pets to horses, indoors and outdoors – OMNI MAX delivers the identification you need.

OMNI MAX has an innovative antenna that runs along the full perimeter of the reader, greatly increasing the read field for fast and easy scanning. This omni-directional read field improves the read distance and time – which are critical to making an identification. With OMNI MAX, Datamars delivers the most modern available technology to ensure the fastest possible microchip ID with every read.

Connect OMNI MAX to your computer via USB. The keyboard wedge function allows microchip IDs to be transmitted directly to your computer as if typed by a keyboard, eliminating the possibility of transcription errors.

OMNI MAX improves the speed and reliability of animal ID for veterinarians, shelters, and animal control officers around the world. OMNI MAX is delivered together with a Quick Start Guide, USB cable and power supply.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions • 26.6 x 14.8 x 2.7 cm • 10.47” x 5.83” x 1.06”

Weight • 440 grams • 15.52 ounces

Operating Temperature • -5°C to +55°C • +23°F to +131°F

Storage Temperature • -20°C to +65°C • -4°F to +149°F

Power Supply • Rechargeable li-ion battery • Battery lasts for more than 500 charge cycles

Frequency • 134.2 kHz

Interface • USB (cable included) •

Read distance • FDX-B up to 20 cm or 7.87” • FDX-A/FECAVA up to 12 cm or 4.72” • Avid encrypted up to 12 cm or 4.72” • Trovan up to 5 cm or 1.97”

Memory • 2GB internal memory

Housing • White plastic • Water resistant if USB cap is closed correctly

Accreditation • ISO 11784/5

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    Does what it says it will do

    Posted by Holly Barkhymer on 27th Dec 2017

    I travel with my 6-lb. dog to Europe about once a year and take every precaution to ensure we follow all protocols required by the EU for entry of pets. This includes USDA-approved paperwork, never flying through the UK and carrying the DataMARS scanner so that I can prove to any customs agent that my dog is microchipped. He is eight years old, and his chip is outdated by EU standards, so their scanners won't pick up the chip if they try to find it. Carrying my own scanner means I can wand him myself, and prove he is chipped. I was told about the Pet Travel Store by the travel specialist at my vet.

    While no one has ever asked to scan my dog at a border crossing, I feel better knowing I am prepared, because as far as I know, the consequences of not following the rules could (in a worst-case scenario) include having my beloved dog taken away from me and quarantined.

    About the scanner and Pet Travel Store:

    --The scanner is lightweight and slips into my rollerbag easily.
    --The interface is a bit clunky, so I make sure to carry the instructions with me.
    --I wish this scanner didn't remain lit up while charging the battery.
    --And finally, Pet Travel Store used to offer an option to rent this particular model (basically, you would order it online and then return it after your trip) which they have discontinued. I liked renting it since I have no use for it about 350 days out of the year, but I simply purchased it this year and now I will have it for all future trips.



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