Disposable Carrier/Crate Pad

Disposable Carrier/Crate Pads

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Disposable Carrier and Crate Pads

These disposable carrier and crate pads are essential in keeping your pet dry and comfortable when traveling. These pads are super absorbent and locks away all fluids that can carry bacteria and germs. 

It is dangerous to limit water consumption prior to travel as that can lead to hydration, so a good pad is necessary on any trip. Pet owners using the pad to protect their carrier should always consider layering 2 pads for easy removal should one become soiled. 

These pads are perfect to use to train your pet at home to use a pad, whether a puppy or an older dog. This training can come in handy if you are taking a long trip with a layover. 

The disposable carrier and crate pads measure 36" by 36" and can be folded or cut to fit any size carrier. Sold as a set of 2.


  • Super absorbent DRIES INSTANTLY
  • Locks all wetness away from pets (even water bowl spill)
  • Inexpensive and disposable
  • Ideal for pet travel, pet shipping and pet transport by car or airplane
  • Good for indoor use at home or a pet friendly hotel
  • Can be folded to size
  • Made in the USA 
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