Crate extensions for extra large pet crate

Pet Cargo Crate Extension for XL Crate

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Pet Cargo Crate Extension for XL Crate

Do you have a tall dog? Does it meet the requirements to fit in an extra-large crate except that your dog's head or ears touch the ceiling of the crate? The 500Plus Kit is what you need that will address this problem.

This extension will keep your crate in compliance with IATA regulations and airline regulations. 

The 500Plus® Kennel Extension Kit will add a little more than 3 inches to the height of your existing Sky Kennel XL, Vari Kennel XL, or Grreat Choice XL. As an example, if your Sky Kennel crate outside dimensions are 40"L by 28"W by 30"H, then adding the crate extensions will bring the height to 33.5".

Note that the extensions do not affect the length or width of the crate, only the height.

You should always confirm with your airline that your pet's crate will fit in their cargo opening. This is very important as not all aircraft can service this size pet crate.

Note the return policy at the end of this page.

How will the door that comes with your crate fit with the new extensions? Problem solved: this product comes with another door that will fit with the extensions!

The extensions are all installed easily by hand; no tools or hardware are needed or required. Simply add the two metal rails in between the top and bottom of the crate, install the new bigger steel door, and thread the provided 5.5" bolts with metal washers through the existing kennel bolt holes and secure with the reinforced Metal Thumb Nuts. Everything you need to install the extensions are provided in the kit.

500Plus Kit Includes:

(3) Ventilated Metal Rails (left, right, back)

(16) 5.5" Bolts

(16) Washers

(16) Solid metal Thumbnuts

(1) NEW Larger size Metal Grated Door

The 500Plus Kit Does NOT include an extra large pet crate. If you have carefully measured your dog and need this size crate, click here for the extra large pet crate.

The extension kit will add about 11.5 pounds to the existing XL Kennel weight (27 pounds) for a total of 38.5 pounds.

This kit will not work on older crates with square doors.


Further specifications:



Before getting this extension kit, you must confirm with your airline that your pet's crate, including the extensions, will be acceptable for the cargo opening on the aircraft that serves your specific route. This is extremely important!!

No extension kits that have been used or damaged in any way will be accepted for return. Inside box must not be used as a shipping box for returns. Prior approval to return this kit is required or no credit will be given. Approval can be secured by emailing You will receive a return email with a Return Authorization number. Put this number on the outside shipping box and return to the following address:

Pet Travel Store
1097 NE 45 Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334

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