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Pet Crate Bowl

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Pet Crate Bowl

New! Pet crate bowls are now available in stainless steel for just $3 more in small and $5 in large.

If your dog or cat is traveling in a cargo crate, whether in an airplane or in a car, or your pet uses a crate at home, the pet crate bowl is perfect as it offers more capacity than a traditional crate bowl. The small bowl is perfect for dogs up to 75 pounds and the large bowl will accommodate dogs up to 140 pounds. Both sizes will fit all crates so you can choose the size you feel is most appropriate for your pet.

These crate bowls are ideal for carriers, cages, and kennels. They can even attach to a fence in your backyard. Secured to the pet crate by an embedded screw and a wingnut, this bowl's patented design will attach firmly with a "twist on" and remove easily with a "twist off". This is great because you don't have to remove the nut and bolt assembly from the door to freeze water in the bowl. It is also IATA compliant for attaching to the door of your pet crate.

Make sure that your dog has adequate hydration during your trip.

Available in the following types and sizes:

  • small (20 oz. capacity) ($8.95) durable plastic
  • large (40 oz. capacity) ($11.95) durable plastic
  • small (20 oz. capacity) ($11.95) stainless steel
  • large (40 oz. capacity) ($16.95) stainless steel
  • 5
    Pet Travel Store had everything I needed.

    Posted by Shelley on 10th Jun 2019

    The Pet Travel Store is the go-to resource when moving a pet across the world! I was able to get the crate and paperwork necessary for moving my cat Wes all in one spot. I also had a couple questions that they answered incredibly quick. Thank you!!

  • 4
    Pet Crate Bowl

    Posted by MICHAEL TRUANT on 3rd May 2019

    Very easy to attach and to get out for cleaning

  • 5
    Made it happy and healthy to London

    Posted by Kelsey on 10th Apr 2019

    I recently moved from San Diego to London with my two cats and was very overwhelmed with the process. There seemed to be piles of paperwork and endless requirements about crate size. Thankfully I found Pet Travel Store to help provide me the necessary paperwork and travel approved crates. I even got fancy and ordered the pads, litter box, large food bowl and water bottle to make my babies' flight extra comfy! They arrived in London happy and healthy and I am thankful to Pet Travel Store for helping me on this confusing journey.

  • 5
    Perfect Deep Size

    Posted by Suzanne on 17th Dec 2016

    I purchased two for transcontinental travel. Perfect size for water and food.

  • 1
    This Pet Crate Bowl Broke While Installed

    Posted by Cliff Michael on 5th Dec 2016

    To my utmost surprise, when the ATA500 kennel/crate (see separate review on it) with German Sheppard inside arrived from the airline cargo hold after a 4-hour commute, the bowl was broken off at its mount to the crate door and a jagged and very sharp 2-inch protrusion at the mounting location remained. I don't know how this could have occurred, but never mind, it should not have been an issue at all. In my mind, this is unforgivable; aside from water to have spilled onto the floor of the crate, the sharp protruding plastic piece could have caused serious injury.

  • 4
    Good and easy to take off

    Posted by Adrian on 27th Aug 2016

    Good and easy to detach the bowl from the mount. Can be improved to come with an optional lid so foods can be covered to avoid the smell in the car. If it designs a rim that can prevent water spill when driving that will be perfect.

  • 5
    Great crate bowls

    Posted by Susie on 11th Jul 2016

    The bowls worked great. They are sturdy and easy to fasten and unfasten.

  • 5
    it's a great product. just a bit expensive.

    Posted by an on 17th Jul 2012

    i like this product- it's great to install in a traveling kennel/crete. you can also put bot a bowl and a bottle for dogs. just a bit pricie. Thanks for the great products.

  • 5
    Just What Max Needed

    Posted by Annette on 26th Jun 2012

    I Was Very Inpressed When My Items Arrived They Fit On The Crate Very Well & Are Large Enough For Max The German Sheperd.........
    It Was A Shame That They Only Come In The One Colour.........



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