Pet cargo crate bucket

Pet Crate Bucket

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Pet Cargo Crate Bucket

NOTE: This pet cargo crate bucket cannot be used on United flights. Click here for Pet Crate Bowls that are accepted on United Airlines. 

The pet cargo crate bucket is perfect for larger dogs traveling in Series 300 (intermediate), 400 (large), 500 (extra large) or 700 (giant) crates as well as larger custom crates. The stainless steel bucket is super strong and holds 48 ounces of water. This is extremely important, especially when your dog is flying during the periods of higher temperatures.

The PIT-BOWL® is shaped like a deep PIT rather than a saucer to help prevent spills and to take up the least amount of space in the crate's interior. Chew resistant metal and deep wall design prevents water from spilling. Easily hooks on metal grated doors. Great for food or water. Perfect for any dog where chewing plastic bowls might be an issue.

It can also attach to a fence to provide hydration for outside dogs.

Benefits of the pet crate bucket:

  • Deep walls to prevent spilling
  • Heavy duty solid metal to prevent chewing
  • Great for big, strong, thirsty traveling dogs
  • Holds (48 ounces) = (1-1/2 quart) = (6 cups) of water or food
  • Measures 5" high and top opening is 5" in diameter
  • Includes wire hook to install on crate door easily

It is important to note that International Animal Transport Association regulations require both water and food bowls be mounted on your pet's crate door. If you have another bowl currently, you can add the pet cargo crate bucket as a water bowl. If you do not have any crate bowls currently, then you should consider purchasing 2 of these bowls or find another type of crate bowl for food.

Be sure that your pet gets adequate hydration during their trip with the pet cargo crate bucket.



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