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Pet Passport Other Forms

Forms and instructions you will need for your cat or dog passport to countries worldwide can be found below (scroll down). These forms are not tied to a specific country; they can be used for multiple countries. The Airline Veterinary Certificate comes with each of our country form products, so only get that if you do not need forms or instructions for a specific country. If a rabies titer test is required for a country, they will be included in that country package so there is no reason to buy it here.

All forms and instructions for your destination country are verified prior to sending them to you so that you will be prepared in advance of travel.

If you request the forms to be sent via email delivery, the documents are delivered within 12 hours or less of receipt of your order.  If there is a delay due to our having to verify information, you will be advised.

3 Easy Steps to get your pet's passport forms:

1. Click on each country you plan to visit with your pet (see Countries below)
2. Enter the countries your pet will be traveling from and to
3. Choose how you want the forms sent to you:

b. By First Class Mail (pet passport folder included with First Class Mail shipments)

We recommend our Leather Document Holder for holding your pet's forms when traveling with your cat or dog. If you want your pet's medical information all in one place, we suggest the Pet Passport & Medical Record.

If you are traveling by air, we recommend that you review our up-to-date airline pet policies.

International shipments of pet animals for COMMERCIAL purposes and UN-ACCOMPANIED pets may require different forms. If we do not list these forms for your country of interest, email us at

Pet Passport Forms and Instructions for Miscellaneous Tests and Certificates:

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