Pet Travel Towels - Keeping your pet clean during travel

Pet Travel Towels

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Pet Travel Towels

Keep your pet clean on the go with pet travel towels.

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This super absorbent pet travel towel measures 17 x 31.5 inches. Light as a feather and great for travel as it will fit into pockets or purses with ease. Always have this handy towel on hand to clean up your pet in case of any accidents during your journey.

Use one disposable towel per pet and eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination. When the towel is wet, you can ring it almost completely dry and continue to use it on your pet.

You won’t have to launder another cotton or linen towel again.

The towels are 100% Biodegradable so you don’t feel guilty throwing it away. Perfect for the traveling pet or for keeping a supply at home for quick clean ups. 

Packaging: 2 towels per pack

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