Testimonials from Our Pet Travel Store Customers

My Peagle Jazzy and I happily arrived in Spain with the support of Pet Travel Store. We will be returning to the United States for a visit and we have ordered the US pet passport.

My vet in Colorado recommended the Pet Travel Store to me. There are no words to describe the incredibly kind, attentive, and professional service I received from Pet Travel Store. I was in Italy, they were in the States, but it was as though we were in the same room. The response time was as immediate as it could be considering the time difference. They were very helpful and I'm not sure what we would have done without their guidance. I will definitely refer friends to them and continue to use them for my future travel needs.

On November 4th, 2018 I placed an order for the Pet Cargo Crate Extension for Giant Crate (SKU CRT-EXT-700).  This was my first time ordering not only a dog crate, but also extensions for the crate.  Despite the many weeks of research, I was a bit nervous about an online purchase for a crate and extenders that would be suitable for our Great Dane/South African Mastiff mix (named Chibo).  My husband and I have been living in a small eastern African country called Malawi that is not known for having a dog-loving culture.  Stores with dog crates of any kind are non-existent, let alone a giant dog crate.  We wanted to take advantage of a visit home to the U.S. for the holidays to purchase a crate for Chibo for our eventual move from Malawi.  I measured Chibo up and down numerous times and read every blog I could find about traveling with large breeds dogs (which is how I stumbled upon the Pet Travel Store website) before making the purchase.  After an ordeal dealing with the airlines to transport an oversided and overweight box, we finally have finally managed to receive and put together the crate with the extenders and are happy to share that not only were the extenders a perfect fit for our Petmate Sky Kennel 48" L x 32" W x 35" H, they were also a perfect fit for Chibo.  I wanted to share my gratitude for your line of work.  Without those extenders, we would not be able to travel with our boy.  We were impressed by the quality of the product and the impeccable fit to the crate, alongside the superior customer service of Pet Travel Store.  

Thanks so much for your help, you are honestly the best. I just flew from Rome to the US with little Larry and we had no issues what so ever and its all thanks to you. I really appreciate your service and would recommend you to anyone.

l can not tell you how grateful l am for your excellent advice and help l feel much better now l have Canadian forms as well. Wish us both luck finding New York in a car!  All the very best to you and your wonderful company.
Angela and Mims 

We bought the package for Denmark a while ago ...... we just completed our trip, 6 weeks in Denmark.  Wanted to thank you for your help, the information you provided was spot on, easy to follow and we didn't have any issues whatsoever with airlines, immigrations or customs ...... Thanks, we appreciate it.


Thank you very much for all the documents and information. Oscar, our little Shih Tzu dog is now safely relocated in Switzerland with us, from our previous home in Singapore! Your help was extremely precious: all the documents and advice you sent to us in order to make Oscar's "passport" were very useful and everything went great with the relocation. We were lucky to be able to keep Oscar with us in the cabin during our 13-hour Swiss Air flight (he was exactly 8kg including his travelling bag, which was the maximum weight allowed, although nobody actually weighed him at the airport ). The Swiss Air staff were very accommodating and even moved my husband and daughter to free seats nearby, so I had more leg room for Oscar and myself. It was very lucky, as the bag didn't exactly fit under the seat and I would have been very cramped for 13 hours otherwise. I gave him dental treats to chew for take off and landing, to reduce the stress and possible ear ache, and he was very good during the whole flight (luckily a night flight, so he mostly slept). In Switzerland, the custom officers stopped us on arrival as we were going through the green lane and checked all the papers very carefully, but everything was in order thanks to your guidelines and forms, and they stamped the EU form without any problem. We went to a local Swiss vet the next day, and they gave Oscar a Swiss specific vaccination for additional protection and also a nice red Swiss passport which enables him to travel through the whole of Europe with us (we are already in a French holiday with him!) He was also promptly registered at the local "Gemeinde" as a new resident dog, which means he is legal, but also that we will have to pay the Swiss dog tax, unfortunately! Of course it pays for the many "doggy bins" and free "poo-bags" which make Switzerland as clean as Singapore! So nice we were able to bring him with us! He seems to greatly enjoy the cooler Swiss climate, walking 3 km with no problem, whereas we could not make him walk more than 300 meters in Singapore!

Thanks again for your service! I was fearful something would go wrong with the papers, but it could not have been better!

I was so happy I purchased the Pet Passport for Mexico as the laws had changed in last couple years from bringing in dogs. Last year the custom agent barely let me in the country as I was missing a ecto and endo parasite vaccination. He said it will soon be compulsory. So this years trip I purchased the pet passport Mexico and it was a wise decision for such a reasonable low fee. My veterinarian had to spend more time filling in forms but all the instructions were there. I had to email PetTravel a couple of times and received very prompt response and answers. Being a Canadian I first received American titles papers but they fixed this right away. Arriving in mexico I was very nervous as I saw in online chat rooms so many pet horror stories and complications due to the new rules. Customs would have to call a vet and on and on. That certainly was not my case. The customs agent looked at all my papers and laid them down and said ‘this is how I wish people would travel with their pets. This paper works is exemplary and fantastic. He stamped the papers, took what he needed, photocopied my passport and we were in. Thank you Pet Travel Store!!

Thank You! Your forms are a life saver. I'm recommending you to my vet for anyone else who might be traveling... Lord, help them! ;-)

Very appreciative of your amazing service and promptness! Taking three animals abroad is more than we had anticipated and thank God, you are present. It is so easy to get confused along the way with all the paperwork and requirements. Your services are really valuable and I can’t tell you enough how helpful it is to be guided, to feel all my questions have been heard and promptly addressed. Such soothing reassurance. From the bottom of my heart thank you as taking our animals  actually proves to be the most anxiety producing element of our move abroad !!


I just wanted you to know that the Nicaragua passport kit I purchased made my 3 pet's entry into Nicaragua go very smoothly.  Not one question was asked!  


Great job!  Thank you so much!


That is perfect.  You have been very helpful.  I will be driving to the USDA office to get the papers stamped so the dates I have planned should work perfectly.  They make it very hard but you have helped tremendously.  I will continue to recommend your services to anyone traveling abroad.

I can't thank you enough for sending the forms for France. You have exceeded my expectations and I will be sharing with friends the exceptional service you have provided for us.

I wanted to thank you for all the information and forms that you supplied to me to allow me to go to Hungary with my dog. I followed all your instructions and all went smoothly thanks to you. My trip was great and Betty did very well. Again, I am grateful for your thorough help to me. It lessened my anxiety about going with Betty to Hungary.

This is amazing thank you so so much, this is absolutely all the forms I need yes? And the only other step is getting the health cert verified by the CFIA? I cannot believe how amazing you guys are!!!!!!!

Great site. Makes my life easier.

Wow!  You have saved my life (and my pets)! This is sooo thorough, I am thrilled. Thank you, thank you!

Thank you. I was talking to one of your guys on the phone a few times and have placed an order for all I need. I love your system! Really user friendly and great service!

Thank you! I will certainly recommend you to friends who are traveling. Excellent service.

I wanted to personally thank you for all your assistance in getting my giant size dog crate to my shippers. It arrived 28th November. I will definitely recommend your services to all my family and friends. Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much, great information and a great website for travelers with pets, not to mention your responsiveness... I will positive social media the crap out of you!!!!

Highly, highly recommend!!!!

Just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to you all. I have received all items included within my three most recent orders and found everything to be 100% perfect and completely satisfactory. Worth special mention is the fine service and response provided by Gillian and you all in addressing items that were missing from the initial shipment. I could not be more pleased with either your products or with your service and anticipate many more opportunities to purchase from you. Very well done y'all.

I just want to thank you very much for everything. You and your team are wonderful.

Outstanding! This is the "Best" service I ever did receive on line!

Thank you so much for sending these to me so promptly! I used the pet passport service when I moved my cat to the Caribbean last year, and you were beyond helpful. Seriously a godsend. I moving Indie to Sweden with me and we are leaving on the 15th of this month, so I'm hoping none of the policies will have changed. These forms seem to match what I have been researching for the move, so I think we will be in good shape. Thank you!

Thanks for all your help, the emails were  so  appreciated, my kitty arrived safe & sound yesterday ...... NOW I CAN HAVE MY NERVOUS BREAK DOWN !!!! OMG what a process.. thank goodness I don’t have to do it again  !! Thanks for all your help; you were great !!!

Thanks for your incredibly fast reply and delivery of documents! You guys at PetTravel are the best! Will continue to use you for pet travel needs in the future. 

Thank you so much. Glad I contacted you or I never would have known I needed new forms. I will tell everyone that the pet travel store gets an A + in customer service, which is becoming increasingly rare.

I was very happy with the prompt international delivery of the items ordered. The items arrived well packaged too. I have recommended PetTravel Store to friends in Japan and will continue to use them!

You have no idea how much you've helped me sending all this info. Wow. I was so lost. THANK YOU!! I will def def tell all my friends and family members about your website and how helpful you guys are !!!! Much appreciated. Thank u so much!!!!!!

Thank you for all of your help in relocating our dog. We arrived safely last night without any problems. I am so glad I found your website! I only wish the airlines would be more informative of what needs to be done, especially when getting ready to fly the dog and where to go etc...I received so many mixed messages I ended up going to the airport early without the dog to find out the information I needed.

When I was at the USDA getting the pups certified for export there were 3 other people there.  Each one had huge difficulties with the wrong documents and other snafus that cost days of time and hundreds of extra dollars! (hotels, new vets, etc). 

The man came to the counter with my documents an hour earlier than they projected and I was READY TO GO!  Everything was perfect.   Everything y’all sent was pretty straightforward and easy. 

Thank you! I really appreciate the great custom service--especially with such a stressful process! 

Thanks a million! I'll also be ordering 2 sets of microchips today :) I really appreciate your help and fantastic customer service!

Bless you. What a weight off my mind that is , many many thanks , your company should be recommended for such efficient and accurate service and all the documents you sent were so easy to understand.

I wanted to Personally thank you for all your help and information in getting my 12 month/German Shepherd into Czech Republic. Everything went very well. I'm glad to have your services, that really made the difference in getting it all to come together.

Thank You. This has been such a simple process. You guys Really have a great staff

 I really like your personalized reply and the speed of service, this is great! :-)

You all are the BEST--  I spent 20 hours trying to figure out and it is one stop shopping--  I will go online and review you all-- worth every penny.

Thank you so much!! I really can't tell you how impresses I am with your services .. And you can be sure that I will recommend you far and wide!!!

I just wanted to let you know how helpful I found your service to be when I was moving my dog, Koda, to Europe.  I purchased the pet passport and medical record which were invaluable to me.  I felt much more comfortable about the transition knowing that you do the research to be sure the documentation is correct.  Noone wants to get to Europe only to have their pet quarantined over incorrect paperwork.  My movement through the airports was absolutely seamless.  As your website reports, I pulled out the medical record and Annex II and the customs agents could see that my documents were  in order and hardly even checked them.  As I received no assistance from our professional relocation company (they didn't have the vaguest idea what to do) I put together a document for them in a stepwise process for transferring a pet from the US to the European Union.  I have put your website all over it as a source of microchip scanners, country specific information, pet travel supplies and travel documents. There are companies out there who will do all the work for you for the low cost of $3500 (or more). By utilizing your services, I avoided all of that!

Thanks for providing a great resource for pet owners.


 I just wanted to send you a big word of thank you - for helping me last week with the information regarding transporting a cat to the Netherlands.

Taken all the factors and my own situation and time schedule, I'm inclined to finding a new home for the cat right where he was born.. and believe to have found a good home as well.

Animals that are dear to us one way or another, we wish the best for them.. So it appears only normal to try and figure out the best options for these friends of ours, in whatever situation we find ourselves with them.

Thank you very much! You guys are the best. I have all the forms now and will make sure they are completed as required. What an excellent and much needed service you provide. 

 Thank you again, it is very much appreciated.

Thanks so much! We really don't have much time, and this really helps. I appreciate your quick reply and outstanding service. I'll definitely leave an excellent comment on the site! Thank you again! I'll be recommending this store to my friends.

Thanks for being part of an awesome business that makes travel with pets SOOOOO much easier.

You have done our 2 other dogs passports, so hers had to match! And the best part was at import inspection in  London, all I received were compliments on the completeness of the dog's travel paperwork. The passport folder was really nice as there are so many separate forms for both export and import. It was nice to have them organized export in the front and import at the back.

Your site is very helpful--I have never traveled by air with a pet before, let alone internationally, and was quite worried how I could manage it. You make it look easier than I thought.

Just wanted to take this time to say thank you for this wonderful folder. Kody and I are ready to take this journey and I feel that with the help of you and your Passport folder I will be able to keep all of Kody"s personal things together. THANK YOU AGAIN!
Holly Hepp & Kody

 Hi, I am very satisfied with the service. Shipping was quick and good communication was established after the purchase. Thanks!
Dr. Amy

I was very happy with the prompt international delivery of the items ordered. The items arrived well packaged too. I have recommended Pet Travel Store to friends in Japan and will continue to use them!

We received our Pet Passport. I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing things your company provides and excellent customer service!

Thank you for making our international travels much more enjoyable and stress free.
James and Jessica

I want to thank you very much for your services. I purchased the Pet Passport for my dog for our move to India. You were the first website that really made things clear of what was needed and and provided me with everything that I needed.  

I have moved to Bangalore, India, with my family and dog (Maya) for work. Your contact information of Fuzzy Wuzzy here in Bangalore was just what was needed, and Rishya helped me tremendously, Without your services along with Fuzzy Wuzzy our move would not have been as smooth, and in a glode trotter society like we live in today, your services are invaluable.

I cant tell you how Helpful you have been!!  I will facebook all about you, and tell VET, and all my pet friends, Tiffany has lots of friends!!  The gel water needs to be heard about!Thanks again, and again,
Karen and Tiffany

I was satisfied with the price and quality of the item I bought and your extremely fast delivery was fantastic. Should the need arise I will not hesitate to purchase from you.

I just wanted to say thanks! My husband is stationed over in Germany and we are finally getting to join him, I know how anxious he is to see our girls! You and your store have been essential in making sure they make it over there. So on behalf of both of us, Thanks!

My pet passport arrived this morning. Thank you, thank you, gracias. This is a great relief to both me and my Terrier.

We arrived in Norway and Eddie (the dog) did perfectly and we breezed through customs!  Now they tell us the rules have just recently changed and no tither test is require???  Anyway couldn't have done it without you!  Everything you said was correct.  You even knew more than our USDA vet!  THANKS for putting up with all my questions!

Thank you very much!  And, thanks for all the information and products your website offers.  Jason has been a huge help to me.

Can I just say how amazing you guys are! I placed an order today that I need quickly and within an hour you already shipped it. Your customer service is fantastic and this is why I continue to do business with you. I truly appreciate you!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I received my pet carriers today.  I can't believe it came in 4 days.  Unbelievable great customer service to you and your company. You just made my day! The colors are just beautiful.  I even like the plastic case it comes in.  It has a handle at the top of the bag.  Will make good use of it when I move my things out of state.  Thanks a bunch Jason.  Tell your boss I said to give you a big Christmas bonus this year, for outstanding performance, and friendly customer satisfaction.  I am one satisfied customer who will refer you, and this company to anyone interested in purchasing pet supplies.   You Rock Jason!  "Very Pleased Customer"

"Thanks!" for the GREAT fast service.  It sure helps!

We just wanted to say "Thank You!" for your company's services. Everything went smoothly and quickly. Our dog, Sweet Pea, was shipped overseas due to a military move and we appreciate all of your help with that.

Just wanted to let you know the travel forms from your service were excellent and made our trip to the Philippines with our two pets easy. Neither the airlines nor customs had any questions once viewing the forms and we went through each station without a problem.

Thank you again, such a pleasure dealing with a company like yours!

Many thanks for your e-mail and for taking the time to actually care
about the customer.

I was perfectly happy with my order and the prompt service.

Thank you kindly, and I wouldn't hesitate to shop again in the future.

I was/am very satisfied with my purchases from Pet Travel Store. 
My only problem was receiving some of the items in my order, but that was
100% the fault of the shipping company (fedex) and not pet travel store.
HOWEVER, once they found out that FedEx had mishandled my package(s), Pet Travel Store was super quick to ship me out another free of charge!  I
couldn't be more grateful for the staff's patience and hard work to get my
order right (even when it turned out i'd ordered the wrong size pet crate, it
was no problem to do the return and then receive the new one in the right

Pet Travel Store's top notch customer service made a stressful
international move with my cat so much less of a hassle.  I don't
have enough good things to say about the service I received and the
products that Pet Travel Store carries.  i will definitely work with them again in the future when the need arises.

This is just a preliminary letter of sastisfaction for your service and product.  Jason, has been a fantastic help with good will and spirit in both my purchases at PetTravel.
As I am travelling next week from France to Ontario(Canada) I will let you know how your carrier works in-cabin on the plane.  As for the 'piddle pads' and beef tasting concentrated water for the litttle dog - ditto.
I enjoy your honesty in your advertisements and the fact that literally 'everything from the kitchen sink to the fridge' is not e-mailed to me.
All  in all you would have to call me up to this point in time a very sastified customer - a real happy-chappy!  Again thanks to Jason.

Thank you for your email. I must admit, I was extremely impressed with the rapid response that I had from your company after placing my order online. Not only did I receive an acknowledgement of my order promptly, but also confirmation that my order had been despatched. Naturally I have not yet received my goods, as only 48 hours have passed since they were despatched and New Zealand is of course a long way off. I am however pretty sure that I shall receive my parcel sometime soon and I shall certainly be letting you know what I think of the quality there-of.

Thank you for answering all our questions, now at least I know what steps I have to take and that's wonderful. 

We just ordered everything and hopefully it'll all work out. Your reply ensured us to go for it and take the very well explained steps.

Thank you, Jerry, for this truly helpful (and economical!) information. 

You've been a big help in my planning, and for that I am most grateful.

Thank you so much for your help. I didn't know where to start and you have given me all the information I need and it's much appreciated. (re travel to Norway)


Thank you so much, I was very, very satisfied with your service and I am looking forward to order some other supplies I need from Pet Travel Store for my pets! I will contact you in the future, and once again-thank you, you have made traveling with pets so easy!


I would just [like] to thank you and the Pet Travel Store for the prompt response and attention. It is much appreciated. All the things I ordered was beyond my expectations. I am so happy with it. 3 x cheers for you guys. Great service. 

Ok Fabulous, You Guys Rock! Thank you for all of your help, I would not hesitate to recommend you!

Thank you so much! - I can't tell you what a relief it was to find your website and these forms in both Spanish/English! What a great service you provide!!

Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to receiving the pet passport documents from you by email so i can get them to USDA for review even it is early yet. I actually purchased several things and will contact you with the website I got my hopefully incorrect info from.

Signed up for your newsletter too. I will share your site with other breeders as I think it is a wonderful one.

I had previously ordered a pet kennel from another website to ship my pet from origin to destination. On that particular website it was stated that the pet kennel was safe to use for airline travel, but failed to state whether the pet kennel was an approved product for air travel.

Time was very short since my pet was about to fly three days later. I located on Pet Travel Store’s website and located an authorized pet kennel. I made the purchase with high hopes that it would get to the destination before flight date. To my amazement, I received an email from Pet Travel Store stating to me that arrangements have been made to have the kennel delivered the next day. I even received a tracking number to track the shipment. Pet Travel had no knowledge of my dilemma with my prior order or travel arrangements. They simply provided me great customer service.

I would highly recommend Pet Travel Store to anyone in need of their supplies. 5 Star service in my book.

I just wanted to let you guys know how great everything went last year with my year abroad with my dog, and I'm now recommending my wife order a microchip from you guys for her new kitten.

We moved to Sweden for a year and had no problems at the border getting my miniature poodle into the country -- especially because we had done all our research AND ordered a DATAMARS Crystal Microchip (ISO-compliant).

My mom runs a veterinary clinic in Ohio and they only had Avid-compatible chips -- in fact, they didn't even know about ISO chips. After researching (and finding your store to be just about the only place in the US to easily buy), I got my chip promptly and had my Mom's staff insert the chip into my dog.

Among all of the difficulties (blood testing, USDA stamps, rabies-vaccine timing etc.) in getting the dog ready for travel, the Microchip was the least of them, thanks to your store!

I received the crates and they are very sturdy and were very east to put together. I am glad I bought the hardware. I know I needed it but even if I didn't I would have preferred it. you were very helpful in making the decision on which crates to buy. I would highly recommend your company. Thanks for your excellent customer service.

I would like to just follow up on my recent purchase and let you know I really appreciated the quick response via email and then the hard copy by mail. Follow up after the sale has been excellent.

Thank you very much for your concern. I made it with my puppy to Slovakia safely. I ordered forms online as email attached, so yes I printed it out and everything worked out just great.

I thought that, while I was confused about the shipping of my order, the sales people I spoke with or emailed with were great. Everyone was very friendly and knew what I was asking about.

In the beginning I was a bit worried about ordering online because I was afraid that I wouldn't get what I needed in time or at all but once I placed my order and got the automatic email I felt better. Then when I got the first question about the shipment of my items from an actual person who wrote me back I felt so much better.

From then on I knew that if I had any questions or concerns I could contact a person and have the problem worked on and solved.

I really appreciate the customer service of the group and will recommend them to anyone needing any pet accessories to check out your website first! Thanks so much!

I was more than pleased by your service , I received the documents through my email and also by mail along with my pet passport so quickly. You acknowledged right away my purchase, you gave me the tracking # so I could tracked it down when it was sent from USA by USPS and very quickly I had a notice card in my mailbox since I was at work in order to picked it up nearby my place . I told my friends how good you are .

Last year I used your service too but I only purchased the documents required through email. I am travelling with my pet every year for the past 10 years but only since last year they required specific documents so I will used your service again and again for whatever I should need. My little maltese will have her own passport this year; she is quite spoiled that was the only thing missing.

You are awesome. Thanks so much.

It is really nice to see there are still professionals like you in this world. You guys are caring and your service is impeccable. What else can I say? Thanks for everything!

I am very happy with the experience! The only little thing (and it is not big deal) is that you guys forgot to send me the paper copies of my pet passport in the mail, but I sent you an email a week after I purchased it, and I got it a few days later... so no problem with that! Very good price in the scanner I bought.... good costumer service. I will buy from you next time I need something. Thank you!!!

Great products and fast service:) Highly recommend !!!!

I just wanted you to know how incredibly happy I am with the service that I received with your company. My order was processed and shipped in 3 days and the quality of the products is outstanding. We live in the US Virgin Islands and nothing ever arrives when it is supposed to.

I am flying with my diabetic cat at the end of the month, which is
stressful enough in itself, and it was so nice to have one less thing to worry about!

This was my first experience with the Pet Travel Store and you have
gained a lifelong customer.

Thank you very much for sending the documents today. I was afraid I'd have to call Tuesday morning and beg to handle our order first. We are up against the wall on time - for a series of reasons. It is great to have a website where good information and forms are available on demand.

Thank you very much Jerry. In the 5 minutes I have been reading your
"Germany New" doc, we have learned more than calling about 5 people in the last 2 months.

Many thanks, Jerry. Your help was greatly appreciated and Pet Travel Store was a wonderful source of information and products for us.

I wish all of you there a very prosperous New Year and continued good business.

Thanks very much for attending to my order. I am happy to report that it arrived yesterday and I picked it up today – substantially in advance of the anticipated arrival date (frankly, I was shocked when they called me today!). Everything looks good and hopefully my cat and I will make it safe and sound to NY. If I ever need anything else, I will make my order with you.


I just wanted to thank everyone at the Pet Travel Store for looking into this issue and taking care of it so promptly! You guys are GREAT!!! and I really appreciate it! Thank you so much... i would have been clueless about all the documentation without the website!


Thank you again Susan! I can't wait to receive our scanner! and I really appreciate your prompt, courteous, and very friendly, caring service!!


I am so pleased....and relieved, with all the help you have given me, I just have to write one last, well, maybe, time, to thank you!

The paperwork you sent me is making the vet's job much easier. The cages are the perfect size. I have the pups sleeping in them now and they love them. I am putting their beds inside and they fit perfectly. The pads also fit PERFECTLY inside their beds so I will insert them just before the flight (Sept. 12). Their are diggers and they have already, unsuccessfully, tried to destroy them to no avail (don't know what 12 hours will do to them but they stood up to 2 minutes of serious digging and a little biting!). And, they LOVE the water bites. I let them taste test one.

Thank you again for reducing my (and their, I know) trauma!


Thank you for providing this service! Made my day!

Thank you for your GREAT service. Your company is a pleasure to do business with. You'll be hearing from me in the future.

Thank you kindly, hope to do business with you real soon and I have

told a couple of my friends about your exceptional product line and service!

Thank you for your excellent service, I did a lot of research into

finding the best carrier and your page and products are the best that I have found on the internet.

I am so glad I found your site. Thank you so much for your help.


Thank you very much. I was so relieved when i found your site on the internet!!!


Just to say thank you so much for your excellent customer service and outstanding product, I`m extremelly pleased with the cat carrier. Thank you also for your patience with a slightly fraught customer, in the past with international transactions we`ve had delays processing the order, not so with you, your service was extremely fast. and competent.

Many thanks and all the very best to you,


We received the carrier today--what a nice product!


Thank you and I greatly appreciate your assistance and prompt reply. Thank you as well for such an informative website! It has been a lifesaver!


I got the carrier - quick delivery and no problems, and my cat's first plane trip went really well. Thanks for your help and advice!


Thank you for your fast service and courtesy. This is the second time I have purchased from you and I am very pleased.

I received my order today...all seems to be in order. Thank you for an excellent service and prompt response.

Thank you so much for checking on this and your very prompt reply. With an upcoming international move I have been very frustrated with non existent customer service both here and in the UK.

Your customer service is truly a breath of fresh air. You went the extra mile on your own initiative to double check something for me with a manufacturer and got back to me almost immediately. I am impressed.


Great, thank you so much! So far I have had great customer service via telephone and online. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Phil, Did anyone ever tell you that you are "The Man"! Thanks again, this is just one less stress of ensuring our pets will be taking care of. I am happy to hear the suggestion was well taken. Again, thank you and your company for your support to men and women in uniform. Its people like yourself that keep me and others going in the military.


I just want to thank you so much for having this and then getting it shipped so quickly. It arrived today and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. In Hawaii we say "Mahalo Nui Loa" which means - thank you very much!


I just wanted to tell you that I have received my pet sleeper car robe and so far I am loving everything about it. I just think this is the greatest thing. Even one of my dogs was anxious to try it out and jumped in the car as soon as I got it installed. Thanks

We received our pet role around on Monday 7.5.07. we were amazed at the speed we received your product. We are very pleased with the product and would like to thank you for the very prompt attention our order received.

Geraldine & Steve

The carrier is purr-fect for my cat. I am taking him to Montana to see my grandchildren. Thanks for your help on the best size and also the purr-fect service.

Annette and Foxy-Kitty

Thank you Jerry! You were so helpful on the phone. I appreciate it!
Janet and Boz

Thank you so much, I am so impressed with your quick response. Please accept the order that I submitted today for the Crystal Tag microchip. It is a pleasure doing business with you!

I am looking forward to ordering more from your online store!