Airline In Cabin Accessory Kit

Airline In-Cabin Pet Accessory Kit

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 Airline In-Cabin Pet Accessory Kit - Everything You Need to Fly in the Cabin with your Pet

If you already have a pet carrier, our basic Airline In-Cabin Accessory Kit has everything you need to travel with your pet safely and comfortably. Click on any of the titles for more information about the product. 

Included in every order is a set of two (2) pet pads that can be conformed to your pet carrier. Layer one under the other so, in case of accidents, you can pull out the soiled pad and have a fresh one underneath.

Note that any products that you wish to add other than the pet pads must be selected in the options above.

  • Complete instructions and airline pet policies for your airline including an airline veterinary certificate that your veterinarian will complete just prior to traveling. Cost: $9.95
  • Pet calming chewables for small dogs or cats to help your pet relax during the trip. Cost $9.99 for dogs and $5.99 for cats.
  • Sturdy, see-thru zippered bag with handles for convenience for storing your pet's medicines or small toys. FREE
  • TSA FastPass Harness and Leash for hassle free clearance through TSA checkpoints at the airport. Cost $19.99
  • TSA FastPass Collar and Leash for those pets preferring a collar instead of a harness. Cost: $12.99
  • Set of two (2) disposible diapers* for insurance against accidents. Cost: $1.99 (XS) $2.99 (S)
  • Collapsible Travel Cup for extra hydration during your trip. Cost: $7.95
  • Pet Water Bottle Top - another way to hydrate your pet during your trip. Cost: $3.50
  • Pet Towels to help keep your pet clean. Cost $2.00
  • Pet-In-Room Door Hanger for your stay in a pet friendly hotel.  Cost: 1.95
  • Leather Pet Passport Folder to hold any pet documents you may have. Cost: $28.90
  • Medical Pet Passport Folder that records all of your pet's personal and medical information in one bound folder. Also includes pet passport forms to travel to any country in the world. Cost: $25.00
  • Pet Carrier Safety Zipper Locks - make sure your pet does not escape from its carrier when you are not looking. These rhinestone zipper locks are easy to clip and remove. Add some bling to your carrier! Set of Two Cost: $8.99
  • Pet Pee Absorbent Sheets - clean up pet pee quickly and easily with Zorb-It-Up Amazing Absorbent Sheets. Don't incur costly hotel pet costs. Set of Two. Cost: $1.49.
  • Calming Lavender Body Spray - help keep your pet calm and smelling sweet Puppy McQueen Lavender Body Spray. .7 fl. oz. Cost: $19.99

No other kit offers every essential product required for in-cabin airline travel. Pick and choose exactly what your pet will need to fly with you!

*Diapers: XSmall will fit dogs 4-8 lbs. (2-4 Kgs.) with a waist measurement of 10-18 in. (25-33 cm) Small will fit dogs 8-15 lbs. (4-7 kgs.) with a waist measurement of 13-19 ins. (33-48 cm)



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