Airline Compliant Pet Carriers Available from Prefer Pets!

Airline Compliant Pet Carriers Available from Prefer Pets!

Posted by Susan Smith on on 13th Apr 2015

Looking for a stylish and functional pet carrier at a good price? The Prefer Pets Airline Carrier provides your small pet a safe and comfortable environment when traveling. It is soft-sided so it ca … read more

Check Your Pet's Microchip Before Travel

Posted by Susan Smith on on 20th Jul 2014

With all you have to do to get ready for your trip, it is easy to forget to have your veterinarian check that your pet's microchip is in place and functioning properly. Why is this important? Because … read more

Airline Pet Cargo Crates | How to choose the best one?

Posted by Susan Smith on on 23rd Feb 2014

If you are faced with putting your pet in the cargo hold on your next trip, you should think very carefully when purchasing your pet's crate. Your pet's safety and comfort are at stake. And you need t … read more

Crate Hardware is available. Keep your pet safe!

14th Sep 2013

The number of airlines requiring steel hardware securing the top and bottom of the crate is fast increasing. We strongly recommend that you secure your pet's crate. Our crate hardware is custom made t … read more

Pet Passports for over 240 Countries Worldwide

Posted by Admin on on 14th Sep 2013

Wherever your travels are taking you, find forms, instructions, and pertinent rules for entering a foreign country with a pet fast! We do the research for you! Our information … read more