Check Your Pet's Microchip Before Travel

Check Your Pet's Microchip Before Travel

Posted by Susan Smith on on 20th Jul 2014

A pet microchip is essential for any travel. Be sure and have your vet check your pet's microchip.

With all you have to do to get ready for your trip, it is easy to forget to have your veterinarian check that your pet's microchip is in place and functioning properly.

Why is this important? Because if you are traveling out of your country and your destination country requires a microchip, they will be scanning your pet to verify its identity. If there is a problem finding the chip, authorities will refuse entry for your pet and, if facilities are available, will quarantine your pet. In the case of the UK, you will need to start the process all over again which can mean 4 months of quarantine if traveling from a high-rabies country.

In some instances, microchips can migrate and can not be easily found. In rare instances, microchips can mis-function. In any case, a simple scan at your veterinarian's office (or with your own scanner if you have one) can ease your mind that your pet can be identified at the port of entry.

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