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Datamars microchip

Datamars Pet Microchips Include:

  • Datamars 15-digit, ISO compliant (Standard 11784/11785) MicrofindrSlim pet microchip in a pre-loaded, ergonomic sterile syringe for fast, gentle, and easy implantation by your veterinarian.
  • PetLink Microchip ID card for your wallet (size of credit card).
  • PetLink Microchip ID collar tag with PetLink information on the back.
  • FREE lifetime registration at for speedy pet owner identification should your pet become lost.
  • FREE updates and changes to your pet's registration with PetLink for the life of your pet, so your pet's information is always current. No yearly fees!

Note: We recommend that your Datamars microchip be implanted by your veterinarian.

This microchip is the smallest and most slim chip available today. Easy to implant and nonintrusive for your pet. Needles can be detached for less medical waste.

Traveling with your pet internationally? Need to protect your pet against loss?

Microchip standards overseas are different than they are in the United States and your dog or cat's microchip may not comply with international requirements.

If your pet currently has a microchip implanted that doesn’t comply with the ISO Standards 11784/11785, local authorities in Europe and other countries around the world** may not permit entry of your pet unless you carry a microchip scanner.

This 15-digit microchip from Datamars of Switzerland, which operates at 134.2 kHz, meets the ISO Standards, so your pet can be identified anywhere in the world, quickly and easily. And the new MicrofindrSlim Chip is a small as a thin grain of rice and weighs a fraction of standard glass microchips! The Datamars thin 14 gauge needle allows for a gentle implantation and the ergonomic design of the syringe makes it easy for your veterinarian to use with one hand. Best of all, the "No Return Click Syringe" gives an audible click when the implantation is complete and the injector will block the microchip from being withdrawn with the syringe. This is a very meaningful improvement from current microchip implantation methods used today and it is only available from Datamars.

Includes Free Microchip Registration with 

Reuniting pets with their owners quickly requires up-to-date contact information. The Datamars microchip comes with FREE registration in's worldwide database.

All changes and updates are FREE, for the life of your pet.  

Includes Everything Your Vet Needs to Implant the Microchip 

Your veterinarian can implant the Datamars microchip in your pet. It is a simple procedure and can be done during an office visit. It is a good idea to have your vet scan your pet every time you visit.

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**Here is a list of the countries that require a microchip

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