Metal Dog Crate

Folding Metal Dog Crate Giant

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Folding Metal Dog Crate Giant

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If you are traveling with a larger dog that requires more protection than a regular plastic dog crate can provide, consider this exceptionally well-built crate. It is built in the USA and made of high-quality, heavy-duty, .063 aluminum, which makes it light in comparison to wooden crates as well as being corrosion-resistant.

The crate is easy to assemble and can fold to less than 8" in height to save on shipping costs. Can be set up and taken down quickly, yet all seams and corners are reinforced for maximum strength. 

This crate will provide a lifetime of protection for your dog.

If you intend to use this crate for the air transport of an animal, then make sure to add the live animal stickers and bowl options to the crate.


  • 20% lighter than comparable wooden crates
  • Tough enough for large dogs that chew
  • Marine-grade slam latch and hardware provides optimal security for your pet
  • Do not have to lock door behind pet
  • Increased airflow with larger vent holes and door openings
  • Impact and stacking corners - these corners provide exceptional impact protection as well as stacking for multiple cases
  • Each Impact Dog Crate is thoroughly finished with a non-toxic, powder-coated layer to protect from corrosion.
  • Rounded square vents for air flow and illusion of direct line of site causing less stress
  • Welded rivet construction
  • 3/8 Inch round bars welded with cross bar for stability
  • Airline rails
  • Handle for carrying ease of unassembled crate - collapses to under 8" tall in seconds
  • Durable powder coat inside and outside
  • Available in Large (400), Extra Large (500) and Giant (700)
  • Available in Grey
  • Made proudly in the USA of high-grade .063" aluminum
  • Lifetime guarantee

To assemble your Collapsible Dog Crate, simply undo the latches, lift up, undo both latches on the airline rails while making sure the tab is inside the dog crate, and latch both ends. Then, repeat on the other side. To collapse your crate, simply reverse these steps.

 Collapsible Crate Dimensions (in inches)





Inner Dimensions 47.5 L X 32.5 H X 26.5 W

Outer Dimensions 48 L X 33 H X 29 W (includes airline rails) 

When Collapsed 48 L X 7.5 H X 29 W (With Rails)

When Collapsed 48 L X 6 H X 29 W (Without Rails)

Ship Weight: 62 lbs

Actual Weight: 55 lbs



pet-crate-measure.jpg       A= length of animal from nose to root of tail

       B = height from ground to elbow joint 

       C = width across shoulders 

       D = height of animal in standing position (top of head for pets with non-erect ears - from tip of ears for
pets with erect ears)

The length of the kennel must be equal to A + 1/2 B (domestic flights) A+B (International flights)
The width of the kennel must be equal to Cx2 (domestic flights) (C+1 in) x 2 (international flights)
The height of the kennel (top flat or arched) must be equal to D (domestic flights) D+3 in (international flights).

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