DATAMARS Universal Pet Microchip Scanner Micromax V

Microchip Scanner Datamars ISOMax

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Microchip Scanner - Datamars ScanFindr™ ISO MAX V

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Pet Microchip Scanner ISOMAXV

The new ScanFindr ISO MAX V reader has been specifically designed to improve performance and reliability for vets, animal shelter staff and police when identifying microchipped animals. It is ideal for use at border entry points, customs, airports and ports as well as in professional organizations including veterinary practices, clinics and animal shelters. It is also the right device for scanning larger animals such as horses.

The scanner is based on DSP technology (Digital Signal Processing), which guarantees improved reading distance and an outstanding reading robustness against interfering signals, such as television, computer, etc. The ISO MAX V universal scanner reads most kinds of microchips available on the market: it reads ISO tags FDX-B and HDX, is backwards compatible with microchip types currently available worldwide, FDX-A/FECAVA, Avid encrypted and Trovan. The ISO MAX V is the optimal reader to be placed at entry points, customs, airports and ports as well as for professional use in veterinary practices, clinics and animal shelters. It is also ideal for scanning larger animals like horses.

Thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic shape, it is easy to handle. The Datamars ScanFindr microchip scanner stores up to 2000 codes in memory and it is possible to record date and time together with the microchip code. The menu options allow the setting of further features, such as the searching of a selected code out of a large group of animals.

The Datamars ScanFindr microchip scanner is connectable to any computer with a USB or RS 232 interface and optionally with a Bluetooth wireless interface.

It is delivered in a durable suitcase which includes the operation manual, the USB communication cable and the software WinMax for data download.

Here are some of the benefits of this pet microchip scanner:

  • Increased reading distance and speed with\r\nDSP technology
  • Reading of ISO 11784/5 FDX-B and HDX microchips, backwards compatible with FDX-A/FECAVA, AVID encrypted and Trovan microchips.
  • Resistant to interference, providing a high quality performance
  • Uses safe, reliable, low frequency radio-waves
  • Reads through all non-conductive materials
  • Beeper as confirmation for a successful reading
  • Graphic LCD with backlight
  • Fast rechargeable battery (2 hours)
  • Friendly user interface with improved menu setting
  • Possibility to record date & time with ID code
  • Possibility to download all codes
  • Available with Bluetooth capability  
Technical Data:  
Dimensions 33 x 16 x 4 cm
Weight 450 g
Operating Temperature -5
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