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Microchip Scanners


Microchip scanners are essential for confirming the location of your pet's microchip. ALL pets should be scanned for a microchip after implantation and before travel. If border officials cannot scan your pet's microchip, your pet will be held in quarantine or returned to the destination country at your expense.

We have in stock HomeAgain, Datamars Compact Max, OmniMax and ISO MaxV pet microchip scanners which read 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips, encrypted (Avid) and non encrypted (Datamars, HomeAgain, Destron, Global ID, Pet ID and others)

Datamars Compact Max
9, 10 and 15 digit microchips

Datamars Microchip Scanner Compact Max 

  • Reads 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips
  • Increased reading distance and speed
  • Compact Size 6" x 3" x 1"
  • Great for pet owners, breeders, rescue organizations and veterinarians
  • Priced at $259.95

Pet Microchip Scanner - Datamars Compact Max


Datamars OmniMax
9, 10 and 15 digit microchips


  • Reads 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips
  • Stores up to 2,000 numbers
  • Increased reading distance and speed
  • Connectable to PC with USB
  • Great for veterinarians, breeders, government agencies
  • Priced at $319.95

Pet Microchip Scanner - Datamars OmniMax 


HomeAgain WorldScan Universal Plus
9, 10 and 15 digit microchips
New with Memory!


  • Universal Scanner reading 9, 10 & 15 digit microchips
  • Can store up to 3000 IDs
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Hard plastic case included
  • Great for all pet owners, breeders, animal rescues
  • Priced at $358.95

Pet Microchip Scanner - HomeAgain Worldscan button-rent.gif


Datamars ISO Max Scanner


Datamars Pet Microchip Scanner ISOMax

  • Perfect for improved performance and reliability for vets, animal shelter staff and police
  • connectable to any computer with a USB or RS 232 interface and optionally with a Bluetooth wireless interface
  • Fast and accurate reads
  • Reading of ISO 11784/5 FDX-B and HDX microchips, backwards compatible with FDX-A/FECAVA, AVID encrypted and Trovan microchips
  • $634.95 for the non-Bluetooth version, $734.95 with Bluetooth
  • Fast rechargeable battery

Pet Microchip Scanner - Datamars ISOMax

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