Pet Microchip Details

Datamars Microfindr™ Slim Pet Microchip FDB-X Transponder ISO Standard 11784


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Why is it important to microchip your dog or cat?

The future of microchipping is here. The Datamars Microfindr™ Slim 15-digit microchip has become the standard for traveling dogs, cats, ferets horses and other animals all over the world. A microchip meeting ISO standards 11784 operating at 134.2 kHz is required in all countries that require a microchip, and soon will be used worldwide in all countries that require microchipping. That list is growing every year.

The uses for the Microfindr™ Slim microchip from Datamars reach far beyond traveling to foreign borders, however. Identification Technology is crucial in the pet world whether it involves competition, shelter, or animal control. As our pets cannot speak for themselves, it is our obligation as owners to protect them should they get lost. Microchipping allows for identification that cannot be removed or misplaced. Better yet, the microchip is readable beyond the life of the pet ensuring that a dog, cat, or horse that needs to be identified for whatever reason, will be.

Register your pet!

Included free with every one of our registered microchips is registration to PetLink, a 24/7/365, international pet recovery service. If your cat or dog microchip is found through scanning, then your pet can be reported on or by calling 1-877-PETLINK. Once your owner's information is found, PetLink will contact you with information as to where to pick up your cat or dog. How reassuring is it that your precious companion will have the best chance of being reunited with you? With all of the challenges of traveling, certainly this affords the pet owner the greatest peace of mind.

How is a microchip inserted in my pet?

Microchips should be implanted under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Properly inserted, it is a painless and gentle procedure for your cat or dog.

The Datamars Microfindr™ Slim microchip is preloaded into their special, ergonomic "No Return Click" syringe. With the included 14 gauge needle and the new slim chip, insertion is gentle and painless. An audible click will sound when the microchip has been implanted, and, when fully depressed, the injector is locked and blocked, preventing the chip from being retracted by suction when the needle is withdrawn. This is a significant improvement to alternative equipment being used to insert microchips today, and it is only available from Datamars!

The sterile pack has colored indication (yellow) to confirm it has been sterilized with Ethylene Oxide. Each microchip contains an individual, preprogrammed code consisting of an animal identification code that is in accordance with ISO Standard 11784. The code is unique worldwide, is permanent, and cannot be altered.

Inside its bio polymer casing, the pet microchip contains an antenna coil and a chip which requires no battery. The bio polymer casing has much more tensile strength than glass used in other microchips and can be read whether an animal is stationery or in motion.

Product Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of the Datamars Microfindr™ Slim microchip:

  • Totally passive, no battery
  • Optimized for animal implantation
  • Permanent, 15 numeric digits code
  • Identification code in accordance with ISO Standard 11784
  • 6 adhesive bar coded labels
  • Sterilized by EtO gas
  • Extremely durable

Recommended Microchip Implantation Sites

Although market practice has been to implant microchips between the shoulder blades of the animals, studies show that to reduce the possibility of migration, implantation should be done as follows:

For dogs:    subcutaneous on the left side of the neck, behind the ear, lateral of the fourth to the fifth cervical vertabra

For cats:    subcutaneous on the left side of the neck, behind the ear, lateral of the fourth to the fifth cervical vertabra

For horses:  Subcutaneous or intramuscular in the upper center

Technical Datamars Microfindr™ Slim Microchip Data

Dimensions:  0.43” ± 0.016” x 0.06” ± 0.001” 
                      10.9 ± 0.4 x 1.6 ± 0.05 mm

Weight: 0.01 ounces or 0.05 grams

Operating temperature:  -13°F to +158°F or -25°C to +70°C

Storage temperature: -40°F to +194°F or -40°C to +90°C

Power Supply: Microchips are passive − they do not require batteries to operate

Frequency: 134.2 kHz

Memory: 64-bit (conforms to ISO 11784/5)

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