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Why is pet identification important?

PETLINK is dedicated to creating permanent connections between dog, cat, ferret and horse owners and their pets through microchip registration. As pet owners, we provide many services to ensure our pets live a long and healthy life. Part of ensuring the safety of a dog or cat  includes proper identification. While collar tags are recommended as a visual means of identification, they can be lost, altered, or removed, leaving your pet without identification. As a secondary precaution, microchipping is recommended to ensure unique identification of your best friend. 

How does pet registration work?

We hope that we never become separated from our pets, especially when we travel. If your pet is microchipped with a Datamars Microfindr™ Slim chip and registered in the PETLINK microchip database, whoever finds your pet will be able to access and report the loss to PETLINK's 24 hour, 7 days a week international pet recovery service. Once the pet owner's information is retrieved, PETLINK will contact you with information about where to pick up your pet.

Why register your dog or cat?

Datamars Microfindr™ Slim microchips only contain a unique identification code. This code has to be connected to the pet owner's information in an easily accessible database in order to recover the pet to its family. The microchip will last for the life of the pet and does not harm or hamper the pet in any way. Unlink collar tags, it cannot be lost or altered.

If you are purchasing a pet microchip, be sure and take a moment to register your dog or cat at Microchip registration could mean the difference of finding your pet or not should you get separated. Did you know that over 80% of pets that lose their owners and are not microchipped are never reunited with them?

Other useful information: Registration information includes rabies vaccination date and number, disabilities, medical conditions, daily medications, and veterinary information to assist pets found in medical crisis. Clients can upload a photo of their pets for free. If the pet is reported lost, clients receive a lost pet flyer with photo included to assist in the recovery of their pet. We work together with for international pet recovery.

Protect your dog, cat, ferret or horse with a 15 digit ISO microchip now!  Don't forget to register your pet!