Pet crate water bottle leakproof

Pet Crate Water Bottle Leakproof

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Pet Crate Water Bottle Leakproof for Large Dogs

This Jumbo Water Bottle has a patented valve with ball tip and has a flip lid for easy filling. The bottle is flat on two sides so it can be mounted inside or outside of a crate. Clamp mounts on two positions on the bottle for greater height adjustment ability. Capacity is 44 fluid ounces; excellent product for larger dogs.

Dimensions of bottle: 11.5” long x 6” wide

Weight: 8 oz.


  • Easy to install - mounts on the outside of the crate
  • Easy to clean - wide mouth bottle
  • Easy to refill - can be removed by an attendant easily
  • Easy to use - train your pet prior to traveling by putting some peanut butter on the tip of the spout and let them lick it
  • No leaking - water bottle works on a vacuum lock and stainless steel ball for easy distribution

This is a wonderful product for those dogs bound for a long trip, whether in a cage in a car or in the cargo hold of an airplane. Can also be mounted on a chain link fence for hydration when your pet is in the yard.



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