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Pet Microchip Bundle Registered

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Microchip Bundle - Datamars 15 Digit MicrofindrSlim  Microchips with FREE Registration - Accepted Worldwide

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Pet Microchip from Datamars

For those pet owners who have more than one pet, you can choose from either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 microchip bundles and received the following at a savings to you:

  • Datamars NEW 15-digit, ISO compliant (Standard 11784/11785) MicrofindrSlim pet microchips in a pre-loaded, ergonomic sterile syringe for fast, gentle, and easy insertion by your veterinarian.
  • PetLink Microchip ID cards for your wallet (size of credit card).
  • PetLink Microchip ID collar tags for your pet with PetLink information on back.
  • FREE lifetime registration at for speedy pet owner identification should you be traveling or become separated from your pet., is a 24-hour, 7 day per week registry and recovery service dedicated to creating permanent connections between pet owners and their pets through microchip registration.
  • FREE updates to your pet's registration with PetLink for the life of your pet, so your pet's information is always current.


1 $25.50 $25.50 $0 $25.50
2 $51.00 $47.00 $4.00 $23.50
3 $76.50 $65.00 $11.50 $21.70
4 $102.00 $78.80 $23.20 $19.70
5 $127.50 $89.75 $37.75 $17.05
10 $255.00 $160.50 $94.50 $16.50


The 15-digit microchip from Datamars of Switzerland operates at 134.2 kHz and meets the ISO Standards, so your pet will be protected and can be identifIed anywhere in the world, quickly and easily.

The new MicrofindrSlim Chip is a small as a thin grain of rice and weighs a fraction of standard glass microchips! The Datamars thin 14-gauge needle allows for a gentle implantation and the ergonomic design of the syringe makes it easy for your veterinarian to use with one hand while calming your pet with the other. Best of all, the "No Return Click Syringe" gives an audible click when the implantation is complete, and the injector will block the microchip from being withdrawn with the syringe. This is a very meaningful improvement from current microchip implantation methods used today and it is only available from Datamars. 

Needles can be detached from syringes for less medical waste.


No matter where you are traveling, or whether you want to protect your pet at home, this pet microchip will be recognized by authorities all over the world.

Each syringe is sterilized (with date), fully loaded and ready for insertion.

We strongly suggest that this microchip is implanted by a licensed veterinarian. 

More information about microchip specifications. More information about PetLink pet identification and recovery.

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