Flying with Emotional Support Animals - Rules are changing

Posted by Admin on on 4th Oct 2018

A lot has been written lately about flying with  emotional support animals (ESAs). Currently, the Department of Transportation is considering changing the Airline Carrier Access Act which p … read more

Congratulations Quarterly Contest Winners - Rosa and Pirate

Posted by Admin on on 4th Oct 2018

Congratulations to Rose and Pirate!! They are quarterly winners of a $200 gift certificate from the Pet Travel Store! They shared their story about a wonderful trip that both of them had to Europe. Te … read more

Pet Travel Tips for Happy Vet Visits | Less Stress for all

Posted by Susan Smith on on 18th Jul 2017

It's time to prepare for an adventure with your pet. So much to do! Find requirements to import your pet to another country, make airline reservations, get crates or carriers, pack; it is ov … read more

Review Pet Travel Store products. You may win $100 gift cert

Posted by Susan Smith on on 6th Jul 2017

Please take the time to review your purchases. Let us know how you like our products! Were they helpful to you on your pet's trip? Are there other products you would like to see? Just for reviewi … read more

Is Your Pet Crate IATA Compliant for Flying as Cargo?

Posted by Susan Smith on on 1st Jun 2017

If your dog or cat will be flying in the cargo hold of an airplane, then its pet crate will be subject to International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations for the transport of live … read more