Pet Travel Tips for Happy Vet Visits | Less Stress for all

Pet Travel Tips for Happy Vet Visits | Less Stress for all

Posted by Susan Smith on on 18th Jul 2017

Time for a vet visit. Tips to make it happy for both of you.

It's time to prepare for an adventure with your pet. So much to do! Find requirements to import your pet to another country, make airline reservations, get crates or carriers, pack; it is overwhelming! But one thing you must not forget to do is to visit your pet's veterinarian. 

A visit to the vet is important for many reasons. Your dog or cat must be in good health to travel. It's a great time to check its vaccination records, get them a microchip and stock up on any medications they may be taking. It's no fun to travel with fleas or ticks either, so have your veterinarian check for them. Nails in need of clipping? Now's the time to get that done as well. You can discuss mild sedation with your veterinarian if your dog is the nervous type or you do not feel they will travel well. 

If your destination country requires a health certificate, your veterinarian will need to complete it during your visit. Keep in mind that many countries have their own health certificate and they have a validity period. Also endorsement by a government vet may be required, so timing is crucial. Other tests and treatments may be required such as rabies titer tests and tapeworm treatments. Find pet import requirements for your destination country.

No surprise that a visit to the vet is not a happy outing for any dog or cat; however, there are things that you can do to ease the stress.

Stay calm
Your pet can sense your emotions. If you are stressed, they will be too.

Acclimate your dog or cat to its carrier or crate.

Encourage your pet to spend time in their crate or carrier and use them often when riding in the car. The crate or carrier should be your dog or cat's safe place and they should be surrounded with things that are familiar to them. (bedding, toys, your used t-shirt, etc.)

Keep them isolated if possible.

The more your pet can see that it is in a strange environment, the more stressful it is for them. A  privacy carrier is great for this.

Make it fun. 

Go somewhere fun after the vet visit. Give your pet the opportunity to burn off some stress at the dog park or take them to the pet store for treats. 

Find more great tips on lessening the stress of a  visit to the vet before traveling with your pet.