Pet Cargo Crates: How to Measure Your Dog or Cat



Whether you are traveling by car, ship or plane, you will need a well-built pet crate that will serve to keep your pet safe and comfortable while traveling. Don't risk your pet escaping its crate. Get a quality, well built crate for your pet!

Before ordering a crate, we recommend the following:

1. Measure your pet accurately using the diagram below
2. Use your pet's measurements to select your crate using the chart below

Measuring a pet can be difficult with a tape measure. We suggest that you use a piece of string, then measure the string after taking the measurement.

Measure Your Pet

First, measure your dog or cat from tip of nose to base of tail. Do not include any part of the tail in your measurement. This is measurement A.

Then, measure from the elbow joint in the forearm to the ground. This is measurement B.

Then measure across the widest part of your pet (usually th shoulders). This is measurement C.

Then, when your pet is standing erect, measure from the top of your pet's head to the ground. Add the measurement from the top of the head to the tip of your dog's or cat's ears if the ears are held erect. NEW REQUIREMENT: Add thickness of pad/bedding. This is measurement D.

pet cargo crate measurement

Kennel Length: A + 1/2 B*
Kennel Width: C x 2*
Kennel Height: D*

*NOTE: These are minimums specified by IATA. Individual airlines can increase these measurements. Pet owners are encouraged to verify crate requirements with their airlines if traveling internationally.

Snub-nosed pets need a minimum of 10% additional dimensions.

Select Your Crate

Below are the interior measurements of the Petmate Sky Kennel crates which we carry in our store. These are some of the best crates made today for pets traveling in the cargo hold of an airplane. Their doors are strong and their ventilation openings are covered with wire bars to prevent your pet from escaping. Click on the crate size after determining the best crate for your cat or dog for more details.

Small 0 17" long by 12" wide by 13" tall
Medium 200 23" long by 16" wide by 19.5" tall
Intermediate 300 28" long by 16" wide by 24" tall
Large 400 32" long by 22" wide by 26" tall
Extra Large* 500 36" long by 24" wide by 28" tall
Giant* 700 42.5" long by 30" wide by 32" tall

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