United Airlines Extends Deadline for Banned Breed Transport for Military

Posted by Susan Smith on on 4th Mar 2019

News note: United Airlines just announced that they will extend their transport of banned breeds until July 31, 2019 for military personnel on active transfer orders. 

One year ago, United suspended their PetSafe program through which they provided cargo services for live anmals in order to evaluate their program. When they reopened it, they announced the ban of over 25 snub-nosed breeds they would no longer fly. This left many military personnel stationed in Guam, Japan and other bases without options other than commercial airlines with much higher charges and longer routes. 

The suspension of this exemption would truly disadvantage military personnel who are more likely to travel with their pet worldwide. More details here: https://www.stripes.com/airline-extends-exception-until-july-to-allow-servicemembers-to-transport-high-risk-pets-1.570990.