Pet Crate Water Bottle

Pet Crate Water Bottle

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Pet Crate Water Bottle

A pet crate water bottle can provide your dog or cat with a constant supply of clean, fresh water without a mess. 

  • Easy to install - mounts on the outside of the crate
  • Easy to clean - wide mouth bottle
  • Easy to refill - can be removed by an attendant easily
  • Easy to use - train your pet prior to traveling by putting some peanut butter on the tip of the spout and let them lick it
  • No leaking - water bottle works on a vacuum lock and stainless steel ball for easy distribution

This is a wonderful product for those pets bound for a long trip, whether in a cage in a car or in the cargo hold of an airplane.

Available in 2 sizes: small and large. The small has a 16 fluid ounce capacity, equivalent to 1 pint. The large has a 32 ounce fluid capacity, the equivalent of 1 quart.

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    Useful and easy to order

    Posted by Roxana on 14th Jun 2019

    Very easy to order and useful items for travelling with pets.will order more soon.

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    Great product

    Posted by Kelsey on 10th Apr 2019

    I recently moved from San Diego to London with my two cats and was very overwhelmed with the process. There seemed to be piles of paperwork and endless requirements about crate size. Thankfully I found Pet Travel Store to help provide me the necessary paperwork and travel approved crates. I even got fancy and ordered the pads, litter box, large food bowl and water bottle to make my babies' flight extra comfy! They arrived in London happy and healthy and I am thankful to Pet Travel Store for helping me on this confusing journey.

  • 5
    Amazing Product

    Posted by Edouard Pazzi on 25th Jan 2018

    Highly recommended

  • 5
    The best product.

    Posted by Jannah on 12th Dec 2014

    I couldnt be more happier for my dog.

  • 5

    Posted by Harry on 17th Jul 2012

    very helpful to have especially of the airline requires it. the hardware does NOT come with the travel kennel/crete, so have one aside. again, should be half this price.

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    great product- the only bottle i could find for DOGS to install in a travel kennel/crete

    Posted by an on 17th Jul 2012

    i like this product- it's great to install in a traveling kennel/crete. you can also put bot a bowl and a bottle for dogs. just a bit pricie. Thanks for the great products.

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    Wonderful Website ;-)

    Posted by DoxenAllenRiplyIII on 13th Apr 2011

    I persistantly searched for such an item and here it is! Terrific! An Airline Standard issue Pet Carrier! This is great! From the selections you have here, your company is not only genius, but so well thought out in the merchandising and needs for all animal types. I love that your company ALSO has a natural supplement of sedatives rather than the hard-nosed type. This is fantastic!. Thank you for the examples shown in your photos for determining varying heights. This is a fantastic website. The idea of the waterbottle gets an A Super + ++ (I have not been able to find this for canines--only for ferrets, etc..) but this idea to place peanut butter at the edge is clever. This website is custom designed for the serious Animal Lover who cannot leave the country with out their Caninebabe! Thank You Pet Travel I am so excited that I must take my time to sort through all of the products that you carry. I agree with Jason, this gives us a peace of mind as we were a bit intimidated by the regulations. You Carry EVERYTHING for Pet Lovers! Thank You so very much. And Please stay in business. I am going to pass the word to my other pet loving groups!

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    Good addition to my crate order.

    Posted by Lindsy on 9th Mar 2011

    I needed a pet crate for my husky and was pleasantly surprised to find had a special promotion which included a water bottle for free :) After getting my order I noticed the standard bowl supplied with my crate wouldn't be enough for my 60 lbs pup. Although I took a fairly short flight (only 3 hours) I had the peace of mind that she had plenty of water. Thanks for your help Jason!



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