Pet Crate Hardware Accessory Kit

Pet Crate Hardware Accessory Kit

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Pet Crate Hardware Accessory Kit 

All of the items below are included in the kit. We have added hardware that many airlines are currently requiring to strongly secure your crate and keep your pet safe. Please note that enough crate hardware is included to address all of the openings on the Petmate Sky Kennel pet crate normally secured by plastic fasteners. Other crate styles may vary.

The Small Kit ($21.50) will accommodate small (Series 100) crates and includes: 

  • 2 Pet Crate Nonspill Food & Water Cups
  • 1 Set of Live Animal Stickers
  • 1 Set of Hardware for Pet Crate (6 of each size nuts & bolts**)
  • 1 Set Cable Ties for securing door & dial-latches and attaching vinyl sleeve to crate
  • 1 Vinyl Sleeve (5"x7") to hold pet information and veterinary certificates
  • 1 Set of Instructions on how to prepare your pet for travel in a crate
  • 1 Pet Identification and Information slip
  • 1 Funnel for refilling water bowl

The Medium Pet Crate Hardware Kit ($25.50) for Series 200 crates includes everything above plus an additional 9 nuts and bolts.

The Intermediate Pet Crate Hardware Kit ($24.50) for Series 300 crates includes everything listed above plus an additional 5 nuts and bolts.

The Large and Extra Large Pet Crate Hardware Kits ($31.50) for Series 400 crates includes all of the above plus an additional 9 nuts and bolts and 15 washers.

The Giant Pet Crate Hardware Kit ($32.50) for Series 700 crates includes everything above plus an additional 11 nuts and bolts and 17 washers.

Washers are only required on large, extra large and giant pet crates due to the size of the hole.

All intermediate, large/extra large and giant pet crate hardware kits will include large live animal stickers. Small and medium kits will include smaller live animal stickers.

**Please note that Delta, United, Horizon, Alitalia, and Alaska Airlines are currently requiring that all crates be assembled with hardware. If you are flying with any of these airlines, you will need this accessory kit. Also, if your pet's crate is accidentally mishandled, hardware will help ensure that the crate is not compromised and your pet does not escape.

You may want to consider some of our other products that will provide further benefit to pets traveling in cargo. We offer them here at a discount when purchasing a basic accessory kit.

If your pet is nervous, hyper, or a first time traveler, we would suggest an all-natural pet calmer that will ease the stress of traveling in the cargo hold. You can add it to your order for $9.95 (reg. $14.25) which is a savings of $4.30.

Other products that we suggest are the crate crock and the water bottles, at a combined savings of $3.00 per set when added to your accessory kit order.  

You may also want to consider a set of pet crate pads to keep your pet dry when traveling in a crate. We offer an absorbent, a set of non plastic lined pads that can be cut to fit your crate that can be added to this accessory kit for $8.95. ($2.00 savings!) These pads are foldable. For larger pets or longer trips, we would recommend a formed Pooch Pad or a Self Warming Pad and these are available separately.

If you have questions about any of these products, please contact our store toll free at (866) 241-0184 or email us at

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    This kit is just what I needed

    Posted by Sarah on 1st Apr 2019

    Bought the accessory kit and it worked perfectly for the crate that I already had! I followed the steps and advice for traveling and getting my pet used to the crate and everything went smoothly!

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    Pet Carrier Accessory Kit - A Good Deal!

    Posted by Donna McCully on 10th Oct 2015

    I am very happy with the quality of the pet carrier accessory kit. It includes all of the items that will help make the pet carrier more comfortable and secure for my cat's travel on air cargo. The food and water dishes can be attached easily to the inside of the pet carrier, and the funnel will make it easier for the air cargo people in case they have to put some food into the food dishes from outside the carrier. I like the plastic sleeve that is included to put all of my cat's travel documents in. I would recommend anyone who needs to bring their pet on any type of journey to buy the kit.

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Jannah on 12th Dec 2014

    I love it , My pet can have an easy flight to overseas. I am really glad that someone cares for pets. I have not received my pet's medical file.

  • 5
    I love this website

    Posted by Eron Sassmann on 9th Aug 2013

    This site has been a life saver. We're moving to the British Virgin Islands and I don't know what I would have done without this site. Everything is perfectly explained, it's all great quality and it all comes right to your door. A++ on the whole website!

  • 4
    Optional pads

    Posted by Dan on 18th May 2013

    I added the travel pad option to this order. I wish the listing would have give images or details about the pads. They are simply the disposable pads you would get for a puppy. I expected them to be a bit thicker and absorbant. I'll have to tape these to the crate, they won't stay down on their own. I would have invested in a better travel pad had I known this is what I was getting, but now it's too late to order the pad I want.

  • 5
    Took my sister's cats to Pakistan..

    Posted by Abbie on 27th Sep 2012

    The people at the airline counter were pleased with how prepared I was. Truthfully much of this stuff wasn't even required by the airline I was taking but I am glad I got the kit. Because in Pakistan the cargo people just tossed the cat crates with the rest of the luggage without considering there were kitties inside. I kid you not, the kitties came on the conveyer belt UNDER several x-large suitcases. The crates were cracked but, due to the hardware and ties, they didn't pop open or the kitties would have been squished.



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