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Pet Passport Turkey

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 Pet Passport Turkey 

This package contains information and detailed step by step instructions on transporting your dog or cat to Turkey. If your pet is not traveling to Turkey, then you can select the country your pet is traveling to by clicking here to select a pet passport for another country. If your dog or cat is transiting Turkey on the same airline, these forms may not be required.

Carefully following these instructions will make entering Turkey with your pet easier and quicker. The instructions will also help to avoid having your pet denied entry, put into quarantine or returned to your country of origin.

Our information is constantly being updated to keep it current.

To enter Turkey, your pet will need a 15 digit ISO 11784/11875 compliant pet microchip, proof of rabies vaccination and a rabies titer test* (see below). If your pet's microchip is not ISO 11784/11785 compliant, then you can carry your own microchip scanner.

A licensed veterinarian must complete the veterinary certificate for Turkey. If you are traveling from the United States or Canada, the certificate must be sent to the USDA or CFIA for endorsement if you are transporting a dog or cat to Turkey from the US or Canada. If you are entering Turkey from a different country, the instructions will advise you of the proper procedure.

With the package, you get the following:

  • Detailed instructions on importing your pet to Turkey
  • Rabies titer test instructions and approved laboratories
  • USDA or CFIA information for endorsement
  • FREE unlimited email support for both for you and your veterinarian, should either of you have any questions.

Also included at no additional cost are the necessary forms for itransporting your dog or cat to Turkey: 

Your pet passport package includes: 

  • The Veterinary Certificate for Turkey
  • Rabies Titer Test Forms  
  • Airline Health Certificate
  • Inoculation Record - keep your pet's vaccinations in one place for easy customs clearance
  • Pet Passport Folder - (Free with First Class Mail Delivery Options above) Click Here to View

Your Turkey pet passport is verified at the time of order.

*If rabies titer test administered 3 calendar months prior to entry cannot be provided, then home quarantine may be imposed. Turkey has proven to be inconsistent in enforcement of this regulation.

If you will transport more than one pet to Turkey, additional forms can be self printed from the Email Attachment option. 

It is our objective to prepare the traveling pet owner for all entry requirements that may arise as a result of traveling by air, sea or land. Enforcement may not be consistent in every country or on every airline and having proper documentation will better insure that no problems will arise during your travels. 

If you purchase our instructions and forms prior to 30-45 days before you travel, please check back with us to make sure there have been no changes in the rules or forms required to take your pet into Turkey. All updated instructions and forms are provided by email free of charge.

There are no refunds on pet passport forms unless there is a problem with the information or forms provided.

More information on transporting with a pet to Turkey

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    Thank you for this great product!

    Posted by Deana on 4th Mar 2019

    We purchased a motor yacht in Göcek Turkey in which we spent 9 months straight living on it. We spent 3 months exploring Turkey and 6 months exploring the Greek Isles. This in itself was a stressful thing going into it. We must say, The Pet Travel Store was such a relief to find on line. I had no idea what documents we would need for each country or what their requirements were. The people at The Pet Travel Store were so knowledgeable and seriously had an answer for every question I had. After purchasing the proper documents from The Pet Travel Store, they were emailed to me, where I was able to print them and take the right to my vet, where they filled them out, gave Dobby his required vaccinations and truly it was that easy, in each county we entered by air or sea, not once did we have a problem with Dobby or our documents. The documents were all in order and proper. That was an awesome experience and my Husband, Dobby and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Pet Travel Store for all you did to make this a smooth and easy adventure.


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