Update Your Pet Crate Accessory Kit

Update Your Pet Crate Kit

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Do you already have a crate for your pet?  Need accessories to make it IATA compliant? Want products that will keep your pet safe, dry and comfortable? Pick only what you need to bring your pet's crate up to standard requirements.

This kit is for traveling pet owners who want to upgrade the crate they already own. If you need an IATA compliant pet crate, you can find it under the Pet Crate category. If you do purchase a new crate from Pet Travel Store, live animal stickers and a small water/food bowl will be included.

You can pick and choose just what you need to upgrade your crate to suit both the needs of your airlines as well as your pet.

The following products will be included in your order should you choose to select them in the options above:

  • Pet Crate Bowl - easily attaches to the door of the crate and is airline compliant for all airlines. Available in small plastic for $10.95 - Sale $6.95, small stainless for $11.95 - Sale $8.95 or large plastic for $15.95 - Sale $9.95, large stainless for $16.95 - Sale $10.95.
  • Pet Crate Bottle - no-spill alternative to crate bowls. Training is easy, and water is easily available for your pet. Available in small for $10.95 - Sale $7.95 or large  for$13.80 - Sale $9.95.
  • Pet Crate Bottle - Jumbo for Large Dogs - 44 ounces of hydration for larger dogs for $14.95 - Sale $10.95
  • Pet Crate Hardware - this is such an important addition to any size crate and is required by most airlines over plastic fasteners. Available for small $2.99, medium $4.99 intermediate $4.99, large-extra large $5.99, and giant ($19.99) - Sale $6.99 pet crates. Large, XL and giant hardware also includes washers.
  • Pet Crate Cable Ties - another essential item to secure your pet during traveling. Airlines require cable ties on the door of the crate and the corners as well. Most all crates have pre-drilled holes that can accommodate crate ties. Available in sets of 12 ($1.25) and 24 ($2.50)
  • Live Animal Stickers - these are required for every airline worldwide. Included are 2 directional green LIVE ANIMAL stickers, one plain LIVE ANIMAL sticker and one animal declaration with fields indicating when your pet was last fed and watered as well as additional information about your pet. Cost: $2.50 for small/medium crates and $3.50 for intermediate, large, extra large and giant crates.
  • Water Funnel - make it easy for airport handlers to refill your pet's water bowl when you zip tie this funnel to the door. Cost: $1.25
  • Dog Travel Leash - keep your dog under your control when you get to your destination. Tape this 4 foot, high quality lead to your dog's crate for immediate use when you land in your destination or along the way, if traveling by car. Cost: $10.95 - Sale Price $4.95

Select as many items as you need! Only pay for what you need! Click on the items for more information and email us if you have any questions.

We would highly recommend considering a good reusable pet crate pad - Pooch Pads are thick and comfortable for your pet while keeping them dry, even on long trips. Can be washed and reused. Fits small ($19.99), medium ($26.99), intermediate ($30.99), large ($33.99), extra large ($44.99) and giant ($59.99) pet crates.

If your pet is flying during the cooler fall or winter months, try our self-warming pet crate pads - this pad uses your pet's body heat to keep it warm during winter travel. Choose small or medium ($19.95) - Sale $14.95, intermediate ($27.95) - Sale $22.95, large ($37.95) - Sale $27.95, extra large ($35.95) - Sale $27.95 or giant ($49.95) - Sale $39.95.

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