Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Cargo Crate Extra Large Series 500

Petmate Airline Cargo Crate Extra Large

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Pet Crate - Extra Large

SHIPPING: No expedited shipping is available for this item. Flat rate shipping cost via Ground Shipping is $90.00.

Please allow ten full business days (not including Sundays/Saturdays/Holidays) after the order is placed for delivery.

We regret that we cannot ship the large, extra large or giant sized crates to a Post Office Box, military address or an address outside of the continental United States.

Not all aircraft can accommodate an extra large crate. Check with your airline before purchasing. 




Limited time only -FREE pouch with purchase to protect your pet's documents. 




Petmate Sky Kennels - IATA compliant. Classic design. Safe for both auto and airline travel.

If you want the safest manufactured crate for your pet, this is the one you need.  

This crate is appropriate for pets measuring as follows: 


  • Length from tip of nose to BASE of tail + half of length of front leg is equal to or less than 36" (91.4 cm)
  • Width across shoulders x 2 is equal to or less than 23" (58.4 cm)
  • Height from top of head (or tips of ears if erect) to ground is equal to or less than 25" (63.5 cm)


Click here for more instructions on HOW TO MEASURE YOUR PET.


If your pet exceeds the height requirement by 3" or less, then you may want to consider crate extensions (more info >>>). If your pet exceeds the length requirements, you may want to consider a giant pet crate.


Exterior Dimensions: 40"L x 27"W x 30"H


Weight: 27 pounds


Crate Size: Extra Large (Series 500)
Crate Weight: 27 lbs (12.25 kg)
Exterior Dimensions: 39.5 x 25 x 30 in (100.3 x 63.5 x 76.2 cm)
Interior Dimension 1: 36 x 24 x 28 in (91.4 x 61 x 71 cm)
Interior Dimension 2: 33 x 20 x 28 in (83.8 x 51 x 71 cm)


Interior Dimension 1 is the measurement at the middle of the crate. Interior Dimension 2 is taken at the floor and also the top of the crate. All measurements are LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT


Included with crate: Plastic nuts with metal bolts as well as Live Animal stickers and water/food bowl.


Refer to our CRATE SIZING CHART if you need a different size pet crate.


Is this crate not the right size for your pet? Click here to find other pet crates






  • Fully IATA compliant
  • Strong and durable with superior ventilation on all sides
  • Spring lock door with iron check pin for security
  • Superior ventilation on all sides
  • Easy assembly - no tools required
  • Ergonomic edges for easy handling
  • Available in dark gray


The crate does not include a pet carrier pad, however, you can add one to your order at a $4.00 discount. Pet crate accessories sold separately are available for all sizes of crates: 


  • Crate Hardware - for extra security of metal hardware instead of plastic fasteners. Please check ADD HARDWARE to your crate order (above)
  • Crate Pet Pads- recommended for long trips - add a PoochPad or a Self Warming pad to your order for a $4.00 discount
  • Crate Accessory Kits - includes hardware, cable ties, live animal stickers and more
  • Larger Crate Bowls - non-spill bowls offer more capacity than stock food/water bowls included in our crates
  • Larger Crate Buckets - stainless steel bowls that will hold up to 48 ounces of food or water for large, thirsty dogs
  • Crate Water Bottle - even more capacity for hydration on longer trips
  • Pet Passport Pouch - keep your pet's documentation attached to your crate safely and securely - FREE WITH PURCHASE! Select color above.


**NOTE: Airlines such as United, Northwest, Delta, and Horizon Air require hardware (steel nuts and bolts) instead of plastic locking fasteners. Please check ADD HARDWARE to your crate order (above) if you need the metal hardware to satisfy your airline requirements.


  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Savannah on 26th Feb 2019

    I have two dogs, one weighing 46lbs and another weighing 56lbs. They each have their own extra large crate for plane rides. They’re about 30 inches tall. They can do a full circle and lay down comfortably. They can stand up straight and have plenty of room. I love this kennel and do not have to worry at all of my dogs are cramped on a plane ride.

  • 5
    Easy assembly

    Posted by Sam on 9th Oct 2018

    Easy and fast to assemble and handled long haul air travel very well.

  • 3
    Very Good ATA500 Crate For Air Cargo Hold Except For...

    Posted by Cliff Michael on 5th Dec 2016

    This is a very large ATA500 Class kennel/crate, which is approved for airline transport for a large animal. I ordered the extra-cost metal hardware because the airlines demand metal instead of plastic assembly hardware. I used this crate for a German Sheppard, which technically did not meet all of the body clearance specifications for this size crate; the airline would have been within its rights to decline its passage because dog was a few inches larger than is recommended for this crate. Unfortunately, any crate larger than ATA500 will not fit on most domestic airline cargo hold equipment; the dog would have had to go air freight instead and that's a bigger hassle. The crate is very well built, especially with metal hardware to compliment it. I would have given it 5-stars except for it was a royal pain-in-the-neck to move it around the airport grounds (this ATA500 crate weighs 35-pounds without animal loaded). There are no hand grips or handles of any kind to carry or lift it. It was extraordinarily difficult to move crate, luggage, and dog from SUV rental lot, load onto bus-to-terminal ride, and finally to airline check-in counter; never mind moving and lifting with animal loaded by TSA personnel for inspection and loading and unloading from aircraft. Except for that great difficulty of transport, it is, otherwise, a very good value.



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