Pet Crate Hardware

Pet Crate Hardware

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Pet Crate Hardware 

When your pet is traveling in cargo, you will need to have an IATA compliant pet crate in order to meet airline requirements for pets traveling in the cargo hold. Additionally, most airlines require that, instead of plastic fasteners, pet crates need to be secured by metal hardware. Presently, the following airlines make this requirement: United, Northwest, Horizon, Delta and Alaska Airlines. 

If you have purchased a pet cargo crate from Pet Travel Store, this hardware is not included unless you have selected the option to add crate hardware.

If you own your pet crate and need the accessories to qualify it for travel (hardware, live animal stickers, water and food bowls, etc.) you will need one of our pet crate accessory kits or the Update Your Pet Crate kit.

If you have everything required by IATA for your pet crate, we suggest that you consider using this pet crate hardware. Because your pet is at greatest risk when being handled by the airlines, crate hardware will assist in keeping your pet's crate intact should it be mishandled.

This item is for crate hardware only and would apply for pet owners who have everything else they need to make their pet crate compliant with IATA requirements. It is available in 5 sizes depending on the size of your pet's crate. Please note that enough crate hardware is included to address all of the openings on the pet crate normally secured by plastic fasteners.


Small(Series 100)    6    $9.99 - Sale Price $2.99
Medium (Series 200)    11    $15.99 - Sale Price $4.99
Intermediate (Series 300)    11    $15.99 - Sale Price $4.99
Large - XL (Series 400-500)    15    $18.99 - Sale Price $5.99
Giant (Series 700)    17    $20.99 - Sale Price $6.99
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