Pet Crate Hardware Accessory Kit

Pet Crate Hardware Accessory Kit

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Pet Crate Hardware Accessory Kit 

Almost all airlines require crate hardware to strongly secure your crate and keep your pet safe. Please note that sufficient crate hardware is included to address all of the openings normally secured by plastic fasteners on the Petmate Sky Kennel, Vari Kennel or Pet Porter pet crates. Other crate styles may vary.

The Small Kit ($12.95) will accommodate small (Series 100) crates and includes: 

  • 1 Pet Crate Food/Water Bowl 
  • 1 Set of Live Animal Stickers
  • 1 Set of Hardware for Pet Crate (6 of each size nuts & bolts**)
  • 1 Set Cable Ties for securing door & dial-latches and attaching vinyl sleeve to crate
  • 1 Set of Instructions on how to prepare your pet for travel in a crate
  • 1 Pet Identification and Information slip
  • 1 Funnel for refilling water bowl

The Medium Pet Crate Hardware Kit ($14.95) for Series 200 crates includes everything above plus an additional 9 nuts and bolts.

The Intermediate Pet Crate Hardware Kit ($13.95) for Series 300 crates includes everything listed above plus an additional 5 nuts and bolts.

The Large and Extra Large Pet Crate Hardware Kits ($14.95) for Series 400 crates includes all of the above plus an additional 9 nuts and bolts and 15 washers.

The Giant Pet Crate Hardware Kit ($16.95) for Series 700 crates includes everything above plus an additional 11 nuts and bolts and 17 washers.

Washers are only required on large, extra large and giant pet crates due to the size of the hole.

All hardware kits will include live animal stickers. 

**Please note that Delta, United, Horizon, Alitalia, and Alaska Airlines and others are requiring that all crates be assembled with hardware. If you are flying with any of these airlines, you will need this accessory kit. Also, if your pet's crate is accidentally mishandled, hardware will help ensure that the crate is not compromised, and your pet does not escape.

You may want to consider some of our other products that will provide further benefit to pets traveling in cargo. We offer them here at a discount when purchasing a basic accessory kit.  They are all at clearance prices.

If your pet is nervous, hyper, or a first-time traveler, we would suggest an all-natural pet calmer that will ease the stress of traveling in the cargo hold.

Other products that we suggest are the crate bowls ($9.95) and the water bottles ($7.95/$9.95/$10.95) when added to your accessory kit order.

If your pet is traveling during periods of cold weather, you may also want to consider a self-warming pet pad to keep your pet warm. 

If you have questions about any of these products, please contact our store toll free at (866) 241-0184 or email us at

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