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This package contains information and detailed step by step instructions on transporting your dog or cat to New Caledonia from low risk and rabies free countries. If your pet is not traveling to New Caledonia, then you can select the country your pet is traveling to by clicking here

Carefully following these instructions will make clearing customs easier and quicker. The instructions will also help to avoid having your pet denied entry, put into quarantine or returned to your country of origin.

The Pet Passport Store has been a trusted and reliable source of information and products for traveling pet owners for over 14 years. The information we provide in our passports is always the most current and accurate available. We have done the research for you.

What You Get:

  • Instructions for taking your pet to New Caledonia from low risk and rabies free countries
  • Veterinary Health Certificate Instructions
  • Rabies Titer Test Instructions
  • Required Vaccinations
  • Microchip Information
  • Parasite Treatments
  • Import Permit Application Instructions
  • Inoculation Record Instructions
  • Carrier and Crate Requirements
  • Tips on Flying a Pet Internationally
  • Unlimited Email Support

Also, at no additional cost, you will receive forms to import your pet to New Caledonia:

  • Veterinary Certificate for New Caledonia
  • Import Permit Application
  • Microchip Certificate
  • Parasite Record
  • Inoculation Record - keep your pet's  vaccinations in one place for easy customs clearance
  • Airline Health Certificate
  • Layover Considerations & Requirements for Airline Pet Travel
  • Pet Passport Folder - (Free with First Class Mail Delivery Options above) Click Here to View
  • Unlimited Email Support

Your New Caledonia pet passport is verified at the time of order.

If you will transport more than one pet to New Caledonia, additional forms can be self printed from the Email Attachment option.

Additional Information

It is our objective to prepare the traveling pet owner for all entry requirements that may arise as a result of traveling by air, sea or land. Enforcement may not be consistent in every country or on every airline and having proper documentation will better insure that no problems will arise during your travels. 

If you purchase our instructions and forms prior to 45 days before you travel, please check back with us to make sure there have been no changes in the rules or forms required to take your pet into New Caledonia. All updated instructions and forms are provided by email free of charge.

There are no refunds on pet passport packages unless there is a problem with the information or forms provided.

More information about transporting a pet to New Caledonia.

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